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Nook Color Refurbished on sale at Buy.com for just $149 shipped

If you want a good quality capacitive IPS LCD screen tablet for a really low price, Buy.com has Nook Color for only $149 for a week or so starting today. While Nook Color by itself is a really nice eReader, it will really shine once you get CyanogenMod 7 to run on it and convert it into a full featured tablet. See our Nook Color review and complete instructions in how to root it and install the new Android CyanogenMod 7 OS in here. Full Google Android Market and Amazon App Market are also available as it is Hulu Plus and Netflix. At $149, it is really a no brainer. 8+ hours battery life and support for every eBook format under the sun including PDF and EPUB guaranteed, 0.48 inches thin, WiFi and microSDHC support are also worth mentioning features.

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Are you ready to root / jailbreak Kindle Fire?

Note: our detailed tutorial about how to root / jailbreak Kindle Fire is live here.
Big day today, Amazon officially announced their Android based tablet – Kindle Fire. With technical specs better than Nook Color and a lower price – $200 compared with $250, it is obvious that the new tablet will not only smashed through every other Android tablet on the market at this point, including Nook Color (which, you might not know but it is the second best selling tablet after iPad), but, it might as well prove a formidable competitor to iPad itself. Why? Well, as the recent sales for HP TouchPad proved, consumers are voting with their wallet and at $200 the new Kindle Fire is getting close to the impulse buying price point.

While technical specs are significantly behind iPad 2 with only 8GB internal memory, no webcam, no Bluetooth and no 3G (see the full list below), most of the people won’t use these features anyway. Technical specs aside though, Amazon worked hard to create their own user experience and their own UI with Android hidden somewhere behind. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still find a store (Amazon has its own Android store for a while already) and the daily free app provides is the icing on the cake, but a quite large percentage of Nook Color buyers got their toy specifically to root it later and install the official Android marketplace powered by Google. I do expect that to be also the case with the new Kindle Fire, since popular applications like Netflix or Hulu Plus are only available through Google’s own Android Marketplace. B&N never Read More…

How to unbrick / restore / reset Nook Touch (N2E) to its default factory state

I had a number of requests for tutorial  Nook Touch describing how to restore a rooted nook Touch to its factory default state. I’ll describe a number of methods to be used based on the gravity of the issue. If the Nook Touch still works well, you might need the quick procedure. If it is bricked, you probably need to take the more drastic measures including a complete firmware re-flash. Let’s proceed!

Note: this article, at least for the firmware re-flash part requires you to be familiar with this procedure. If you rooted your device, you probably are. However, a quick read into our initial How to root Nook Touch article might help.

Restore Nook Touch Method 1: interrupt the booting process 8 times

Step 1: Power off the Nook Touch.

Step 2: Power it on again. Read More…

Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Color jumps ahead Amazon’s Kindle as the best selling eReader

Based on the latest numbers churned by IDC, for the first time ever B&N’s sweet eReader / hacked Android tablet Nook Color took the lead in sales jumping ahead Amazon’s hugely successful Kindle eReader. We can’t say we are completely surprised by the news, especially since the Nook Color is our all time favorite device. The news is obviously a message from the readers that they want devices that will do more than just allowing them to read books, Internet browsing and gaming / movie watching being the obvious favorites. With Nook Color, you can do all of the above, especially if you root them and install CyanogenMod 7, a move that should give you full tablet functionality for less. If you are interested, check our series of articles in how to do it!

iPad 2 continues to dominate the tablets market but Nook Color remains on the second place, despite efforts from dedicated players like Samsung or Motorola. IDC doesn’t say though, and we would certainly like to know how many of the Nook Color buyers end up rooting / replacing their OS.

Check out IDC’s full Press Release after the break.

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How to root Nook Touch and side load apps (Kindle, ADW launcher, Amazon App Store), review

Following our successful tutorials about rooting the Nook Color, we decided to write a new tutorial involving the new Barnes and Noble eReader, Nook Touch. Much like its older brother, the original nook, Nook Touch is build on top of an Android (2.1) based platform, and, as a result, fully capable of being rooted / hacked. The new Nook Touch has a faster processor, memory and overall a better hardware than its older brother and also a much longer battery life. Let’s go ahead and see what extra functionality / advantages you can Read More…

Craig CMP 738a Review – $75 Android tablet from CVS


When I first saw this tablet at CVS, I was curious on multiple levels. I was curious what a $75 ($99 originally, but $25 coupons are floating around everywhere, they are actually easier to find than Craig tablets in stock at CVS) can offer. I was curious if it can be rooted and I was curious if my 7 year old will be able to use it successfully (and I won’t care that much if he breaks it). I bought it, played a couple of days with it without rooting it, that I realized is rather limited so I was able to install two different custom ROMs, one based on Android 2.1, the other based on Android 2.2 (full details about how to root Craig CMP 738a here). Both of them hugely increased the Craig CMP 738a speed and response time transforming the crippled  $75 device into Read More…

How to root / install custom roms and add Android Market for CVS Craig CMP 738a $75 Android tablet

I just got a very cheap Craig CMP 738a tablet from CVS, and, after the $25 coupon code, the total came to be $75 before taxes. CVS is not a place where you would expect to find hi-tech items, but I wanted a cheap tablet to play with and, after I got bored, to give to my 7 old son without the fear that if he breaks it I’ll be too upset. I played with it for about a week (a full review to follow) but the included software sucks: Slow, no official Google Android market, outdated apps. There are some custom ROMs available (that also come with root access) so I decided to try them, and, since the process of installing a custom ROM is not always easy, I decided to write this tutorial and post clear and easy to follow instructions, documenting each step with screenshots. The benefits of adding a custom ROM is mainly better app compatibility, speed and official Android Market.

1. What is Craig 738a?

Craig 738a is a very cheap tablet that can be purchased at CVS pharmacy for $99. There is always a coupon for $25 off available around the web, so you’ll Read More…

How to watch Netflix on Nook Color

Update: In its latest version, Netflix removed the check for unsupported devices check so it should now work without any changes. Just update the Netflix apk from the Android market, restart the device and it should work fine. In certain configurations, you might experience a weird sound issue where the sound track plays faster than the video, a so called “chipmunk sound”. In this case, you’ll still need to change build.prop per the instructions.

If you want to use the newly released Android Netflix application for your Nook Color, you’ll have the unpleasant surprise that it doesn’t work out of the box. The reason is that Nook Color doesn’t support the required DRM Netflix need for streaming, but it looks like Netflix does only a minor check for the device name that is part of the build.prop file. A quick change of the build prop can fool the application, at least for now. Here is how to do it:

Step 0: Check our article about changing the build.prop to find out how to access the file and edit it. If you haven’t root your Nook Color yet, we have an extensive series of articles in how to perform it, especially this one.

Step 1. Pull out the build.prop file with the following command

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How to unbrick your Nook Color, or restore it to factory state

OK, since we posted our popular articles about rooting the Nook Color, we have been asked the same question many times – What if something goes wrong and my Nook Color is bricked? How I can unbrick it? How I can restore it to factory state and start again? Is the rooting process reversible? This article will answer these questions and offer some ways to unbrick / restore your Nook Color if something went wrong.

1. Facts:

It is almost impossible to completely brick your Nook Color (of course if you try really hard…) so there is no reason to get scared. If your device doesn’t boot (Black screen at re-boot) it is probably because your boot partition got corrupted during the rooting process. That’s Read More…