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Review Horizon’s $1.49 Classics Collections for Windows 8 App Store

We are happy to announce our upcoming series of Review Horizon Classic Collections to be published on Windows 8 platform and available only in Windows 8 App Store. With over 30 collections already available, the Review Horizon Classic Collections intends to publish all the great names in classic literature in an easy to read format, flexible layout and at an unbeatable price, $1.49 per collection. (Search in Windows 8 App Store for “Review Horizon” for a complete list). Continue Reading →

Review – Ruckus ZoneFlex 7761-CM Outdoor High Performance and Power Professional Access Point / Cable Modem


I was fortunate enough to score a professional class access point + DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem device for a fraction of the official cost (somewhere towards $2,000!!!). I bought it because my house is built from some weird materials and I normally need 4 different access points to cover it from side to side. I have a DLINK Dir 615, one DIR 655, the Time Warner’s given Arris TG1672g and a Buffalo AirStation WZR-600DHP and used all of them to cover my house. We are using our tablets a lot and they are not powerful/sensitive enough to work from every room. While my 4 AP solution worked, it was annoying to switch from one SSID to another as we would move from living room to the bedroom. As I mentioned, I got a Ruckus ZoneFlex 7761-CM rather cheap (still a bit more expensive than an office AP/router though) so I decided to give it a try. What you will read in this review is the description of my experience with it for the last couple of months.

Note: While I am only using it as a standalone access point to cover my own home, Ruckus ZoneFlex 7761-CM can be used in a mesh managed by a ZoneDirector controller capable of controlling hundreds of APs. This solution is not part of the current review.

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Review: CoolStream Car Chat Plus BTR103 – Bluetooth enabled car charger hands free and streaming device

Guess what Santa (and one of his providers of gadgets Exeter Science & Entertainment) had in store for me for this Christmas? A new add-on for my car, the just released CoolStream Car Chat Plus (model BTR103). In case you are wondering what it does, it is a combo Bluetooth Music Receiver and hands free calling device augmented with the capability of charging two devices at once thanks to its two USB ports each of them capable to crank up to 2.5 Amps. Useful? You bet! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we recently put this little device trough the tests to see how well it performs on the road. Read ahead for the full review.
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Review: UnoTelly DNS and VPN Service – watch BBC, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go from any region

Let’s start with some facts: I am living in sunny California and me and my kids love Doctor Who! The one small problem, Doctor Who ‘s new episodes are not really available in US, so we need a way to watch them as soon as they are available. That’s not the only problem, a lot of sport events are ignored by US networks or their coverage is downright horrible, including Formula 1, Gymnastics, European soccer, etc. What to do? BBC iPlayer uses geo-location to check your current position and refuses to stream if you are outside UK. Same applies if you are trying to use Netflix/Hulu/HBO Go while traveling in a country that doesn’t have licensing rights for the mentioned services. We will need a service that provides access to streaming services from different countries and UnoTelly offers just such a service. I had the chance to use it around the house and while commuting on the train for the last week, and the experience is detailed in the present review. Continue Reading →

Review: CoolStream Duo – Dual Bluetooth Receiver for iPhone Docks

If there is one thing I love about a company is its willingness to continuously improve their own products and since we did review Exeter Science & Entertainment’s previous versions of CoolStream Duo in the past, we jumped at the opportunity to review their new addition to the family. Just a bit of history here, we reviewed the original CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver just about a year ago, in October 2013, and the much improved CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver with battery and 3.5mm jack, just at the end of the last year. Now, about a year later, the CoolStream Duo model BTR102 adds the much needed Bluetooth Multipoint technology supporting two streaming sources paired at the same time, your smartphone and your tablet for example, so no more of that annoying pair/un-pair/pair again activity. No pin Bluetooth pairing is also supported making the initial connection as fast and headache free as humanly (or gadgetly possible). Continue Reading →

Brydge iPad Keyboard Review

For those less familiar with the Brydge Keyboards, the company made headlines a couple of years ago with a very successful and well funded Kickstarter project ($797,979 received vs $90,000 goal), quite an achievement. The promised product was an anodized aluminum keyboard that will transform your iPad in a laptop for around $150. Now, two years later the Brydge keyboards are not only a reality, but the company is producing several different models including one featuring Bluetooth speakers and a black poly-carbonate model for the budget minded users. The model we received is Brydge+ with Speakers currently selling for $149.99 (reduced from an original $199) , the company’s most luxurious product to date. I had the chance to play with it for several days at which point my wife made it clear that she wants it…You can never win! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, jump ahead for the full review. Continue Reading →


What a difference a couple of  month make. Only two months ago we reviewed Exeter Science & Entertainment’s first foray in Bluetooth Adapters for iPhone docks, the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver and meantime, the producer was hard at work producing and launching its successor, the CoolStream Duo. The new model improves upon the previous one by adding an embedded Lithium Polymer battery featuring up to 5 hours of life and an additional 3.5mm audio output jack to connect with devices that do not have a 30 pin iPhone / iPod port. We received a sample for review and we played with it for the last week or so. Read the full article for our impressions.

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Review: CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver for iPhone Dock


If you recently upgraded your iPhone/iPad to a newer model featuring the Lightning connector or moved away completely from iOS devices, do not throw your old 30-pin docking station away. Thanks to CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver you can still use it with whatever new device you have now, as long as it contains a Bluetooth adapter.  Exeter Science & Entertainment  was kind enough to provide us with a sample for the review so sit back and enjoy reading our experience using it for the past week.

 Before proceeding with the review, there is one point I would like to make: the 30-pin Apple connector using in their older iPhone/iPod/iPad series can transfer both analog and digital sound. While the Continue Reading →

Review: CoolStream BTS 201 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with USB/SD reader

If you are a college student with limited space in the dorm room, need a very small audio system to add some sound to your bedroom, want to enjoy a romantic dinner in the backyard with full setup including candles and music or just looking for a very portable sound solution for a family trip, you might need to look into purchasing a Bluetooth portable speaker to complement your phone / tablet. We recently received for review the CoolStream BTS201 Portable Bluetooth Speaker produced by Exeter Science & Entertainment and we put it through the tests for the last several days. The results and our impressions are documented in the present review.


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Deal of the Day – VIERA TC-P50UT50 50-Inch 1080p 600Hz Full HD 3D Plasma TV for $599

An excellent TV for a really low price –  Amazon has this  50 inch Panasonic Plasm VIERA TC-P50UT50 featuring full 1080p resolution and 3D. Also compatible with VIERA CAST, VIERA Connect cloud service, and VIERA Link offering Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Video on Demand, etc. Free shipping and no taxes in most states. Also check this Amazon page for the full list of VIERA Connect clients and features.

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