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Raidmax Helios Review – ATX-819WB mid-tower gaming computer case


Once reserved only for deluxe rigs, fancy cases are now in the price range of everybody that intends to build their own system. We were recently provided with one of RAIDMAX latest gaming computer chassis, the attractive Helios and soon proceeded to install some hardware in it, put it to work for several days at heavy load without interruption and the experience and the results are described in this Raidmax Helios review. let us know what you think of it and, if you have any specific questions, we’ll be more than happy to answer them! Read More…

Review – RAIDMAX RX-1200AE 1200W SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply


Let’s face it, even if you are not a gamer, you know that modern PCs need more and more power as the CPU frequencies are higher and more computer cores become available for general use. While certainly not destined for an average system, RAIDMAX’s new RX-1200AE 1200W ATX12V v2.3 / EPS12V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply is one of the most powerful PC power supplies available on the market and comes with all the bell and whistles you might expect including high efficiency, multiple PCI-E connectors in case you want to build a SLI system (and why else would you need a 1200W power supply?) and modular cables to help reduce the clutter. Read More…

Sony Google TV Review

1. Introduction

2010 is certainly a year where media streaming boxes really flourished. From cheap dedicated media streamers like WD TV Live Plus and Apple TV, going through (although unreleased yet  Boxee Box) and ending with more expensive (for now) Google TV boxes from Sony and Logitech (Revue) there is enough diversity to satisfy everyone. The questions are: Do they succeed in offering a truly enjoyable experience? Which one is better / simpler to use / easier to integrate in your existing Home Theater?

Google TV’s entry in the media streamers market is here and it hopes to bring more than mere streaming. Its main purpose is convergence and the ability to search / reach for your media in a unified manner, while enjoying the comfort of your own couch. Does it succeed? We’ll try to find out in Review’s Horizon ambitious take to review this complex box.

2. Sony Google TV Unpacking Read More…

iPhone 4 Review

The way we usually like to write our gadget reviews is after we had some time to play with them and we worked out the kinks, the good things, the  not so good ones and have a comprehensive image about how the product behaves in the day to day life. While coming later that other iPhone 4 reviews,  we offer you Review Horizon’s version today to celebrate exactly 3 months since its US launch.

I bought my iPhone 4 shortly after its launch so the unpacking pictures reflects a different season 🙂 Most of the current iPhone 4 users (myself included) upgraded from iPhone 3G, not 3GS due to the 2 year AT&T plan cycle so I’ll base my observations and comparisons on the older model.

iPhone 4 Unpacking

The box itself is very small and contains the iPhone 4 itself, the USB cable, a pair of headphones (microphone included) and a very tiny USB charger that you can use to power your Sony PSP, Kindle / Nook reader or any other device charging via a low power USB connection. If your PC can charge it, Apple’s mini USB charger will do it as well. Read More…

Region Free / Multi Region DVD Players – Tutorial and where to buy

Let’s start by explaining what the DVD Region codes are, and why you would need (or not) a region free DVD Player.

DVD Region Codes are a a type of DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology created by Motion Picture Studios to control the release date, price, content for various geographic regions. Although is not mandatory, the DVDs can be encoded with one region code and it will only play on the DVD players sold in that specific region. While this capability might help the big studios to discriminate based on price/content/release date, it makes it harder for us to play imported DVDs that are just not released in our particular country, or, if you are an immigrant, the DVDs from your native country. Read More…