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Amazon announces the new Graphite Kindle DX with 50% better contrast and lower price

Amazon just announced their new entry into the world of eBook readers, the Graphite Kindle DX. Available for shipping on July 7th, the new unit features the same 9.7″ E-Ink screen size, but the new E-Ink generation also improves the contrast by 50% (or so they say) while reducing the price to $379. Available for pre-order today.

Compared with the small Kindle, the DX version has a 3500 books capacity versus 1500 for the small version, and similar free global 3G capabilities.

Amazon currently  has monopoly position in the large screen eBook readers, used mostly for technical books in PDF format. I hope BN will soon release a large format Nook…after all, competition is never bad for the consumers.

Amazon slashes Kindle price to $189 in response to Nook

In response to todays’s Barnes and Noble announcement for a new WiFi only Nook at $149 and $199 for the 3G version, Amazon slashes its own price for Kindle which now costs only $189. This is indeed a good day for eBook readers!

The battle has officially begun, so do not be surprised if B&N lowers the price further to match Amazon the way they did it in the past, or if one (or both) of them starts to offer free eBook readers (combined with some kind of subscription service). The larger Kindle DX remains at the same price, $489.

B&N launches $149 Nook WiFi, 3G lowered to $199

In an excellent news for eBook lovers, and in a move that is sure to put pressure on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble confirms their new Nook model sans 3G for a new low price of $149 while at the same time reducing the price for the previous $259 3G capable Nook to $199. The new model without 3G connectivity is called Nook WiFi. One of the features I really love about Nook line is the inclusion of a microSD expansion slot, a feature not present into it’s main competitor, Amazon’s Kindle.

The 3G capability made a lot of sense several years ago during the release of the initial Kindle, but meantime the smartphone market exploded along with more or less generous data plans and tethering options (again more or less legal), so it shouldn’t be very challenging to tether your new Nook to your smartphone. Also, Barnes & Noble released their latest Nook software, now at the version 1.4 that beside a number of improvements as “Go to page”, an extra large font and some speed-up overall, now allows Nook to access the fairly extensive AT&T WiFi network for free.

The new Nook is available at B&N own website and also at Best Buy and it will start shipping this week. The main visual difference between Nook WiFi and Nook 3G is a white back panel for the new model and a slightly (0.5 oz) lower weight.

Update: Amazon followed immediately slashing their Kindle price to $189.

Better Kindle on the way? New generation of E-Ink displays announced

In the near future (and we are talking about 2011) we might see new Kindles and Nook models using the new E-Ink displays generation recently announced (source RedFerret). The next generation E-ink  displays will have better contrast ratio (almost double the contrast of the current E-Ink displays) and also much higher refresh speeds, allowing for simple animations (see video). Gone will be the days when just a page turn would make you fall asleep. Another announced display technology features an almost indestructible screen, ideal for children books that usually look like they went through a war. Check the videos after the break. Read More…