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Samsung Blu-ray 2010 models get update and Hulu Plus app BD-C6500, BD-C7500 and others

Well, what do you know? After many months of waiting and delays, Samsung Blu-ray players – 2010 models (and that also means non 3D ones) got a new firmware update – I downloaded it immediately on my BD-C7500 player  and after installing it I surfed to the Samsung App store – much to my surprise, I saw a brand new Hulu Plus Application, available until now only on Samsung’s flagship 2010 models with 3D capabilities. After I played with it for a while, I have to report it features the same interface as any other Hulu Plus compatible device, it runs quite nice and it is much more responsive than its Roku equivalent. In terms of streaming performance, I prefer more my Samsung connected Blu-ray player than my Roku box which is just too slow. Of course, Roku 2 boxes are around the corned, scheduled to release very soon and they might come with a faster processor, but until then, my Netflix / Hulu Plus enabled Samsung BD-C7500 rocks. Read More…

Hulu Plus officially adds support for four more Android smartphones

And I said officially because at this point, if you have the skills you can have Hulu Plus on pretty much any Android device you want, including Nook Color. The new smartphones to officially get Hulu Plus are Sprint Evo 4G, T-Mobile G2, T-Mobile myTouch 4G, Verizon Thunderbolt making a total of 10. You can download the Hulu Plus apk straight from the Android Market if you are officially supported or from here and side load it to your device. Either way, you’ll need the standard $7.99 / month to use it although a free 2 weeks preview is available.

As a side question, now that Netflix raised prices, do you still prefer it over Hulu? I do, because the streaming plans are priced the same and Hulu Plus sucks with all those ads. We still need it for those pesky TV shows though…Nothing beats Hose / Bones, at least if you ask my  significant other.

Netflix announces DVD only plan, stops providing both DVD and streaming plan

Netflix just announced a very important change in their plans. No longer you’ll be able to subscribe to both mailed DVD and streaming using their $8.99 plan, instead you’ll have to decide for either $7.99 streaming only plan, $7.99 1 DVD / $11.99 2 DVDs at a time plans or subscribe to both paying a minimum of $15.98 / month. The move comes as a result of Netflix being forced to cash more and more to acquire content for streaming and it was planned quite a while ago considering the recent interface changes that removed the ability to access your DVD queue from the streaming devices.

The new plans will be announced to existing subscribers over the next couple of days and apparently there is no option for the existing subscribers to keep their current plans. personally, the change doesn’t really affect me since I stopped mailing DVDs months ago, but that means I’ll have to find that last DVD I never mailed back to Netflix and send it to them.

Will Netflix move affect you or push you toward Hulu Plus?

Update: The Netflix website seems to be down for maintenance currently. No doubt to prepare it for the new subscription plans. Read More…

Hulu Plus arrives on Android – 6 devices for now, more to come – Works on Nook Color

Update : I am able to stream perfectly on my Nook Color. Cool!!! My Nook Color has its build.prop changed to HTC to solve the Netflix chipmunk issue. Another issue I had was that while the movies from Miramax (ad free) streamed perfectly, the TV Shows (ad loaded) were stuck at buffering, during the initial advertisement. The reason, at least for my machine was that I had AdFree for Android installed. If you experience this, use AdFree Revert option to revert back to the original host file. You will loose ad blocking feature but you will earn perfect Hulu Plus streaming.

Update 2: I made a short movie demo-ing Hulu Plus on Nook Color

Well, this qualifies as a breaking news. Promised quite a while ago, Hulu Plus app finally made its way on the Android Platform, although, in a manner similar to Netflix, it is not for everybody. More specific, Hulu Plus apk is available only on 6 Andrdoid devices for now, and the lucky ones are Nexus One, Nexus S, HTC Inspire 4G, Motorola Droid II, Motorola Droid X, and the Motorola Atrix. Not sure if the problem is the DRM capability cooked into the hardware or just based on popularity. You can get the Hulu Plus right now from the Android Market. The Hulu availability is a huge step for the Android platform in its quest to offer the equivalent in entertainment apps with iOS. In my opinion, now that both Netflix and Hulu Plus are available, it is very close to achieving this goal. Read More…

Deal of the Day – Amazon buy the $299 Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle get $100 credit

If these gadget deals keep coming, my blog will be transformed in a daily deal blog and I really don’t want that, so I’ll try to make this the last one for today. If you get the $299 Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle, Amazon will throw in a $100 credit for good measure. What can you do with a console? Well, first of all, Microsoft just released the Kinect Windows SDK, so if you have some intentions toward app development, you can get a really cheap development system and start churning source code. Or you can use to play / watch Netflix/Hulu Plus/ESPN. Even better, the XBOX 360 can work as a Windows 7 Media Center Extender, so you can play/pause/skip those recorded videos you got on the main server. What? You didn’t cut the cable cord yet? What are you waiting for? You are wasting money, man!

Netflix device limit jumps from 6 to 50 for one account – toaster and refrigerators rejoice

You know, we kept complaining about how the 6 device limit in your Netflix account is just not reasonable enough anymore, now with all the smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray Players, gaming consoles and everything else imaginable that can play Netflix now, and we took our complaints to Netflix. The company listened and increased the limit of simultaneously activated devices from 6 to 50 per account. Now, this is a number you are unlikely to reach anytime soon and if you reach it, you shouldn’t care that much. If you navigate to your Netflix Account, Netflix ready devices section, you might notice the following explanation: Read More…

Hulu signs Miramax deal, expect many movies on Hulu Plus today

Miramax signed a deal recently with Netflix to bring many of their movies to your instant queue and today they announced a second partner for streaming – Hulu. Many quality movies in the collection including Reservoir DogsPulp FictionClerksSling BladeThe English PatientTrainspottingGood Will Hunting and Amelie are available on Hulu Plus starting today. Regular Hulu service which is free will not have the new package available.

What is really interesting and a radical departure from the standard Hulu Plus experience is that the new Miramax movies will stream ad-free (and HD). I wonder if this is a sign that Hulu is trying to be more competitive against Read More…

How to watch Netflix on Nook Color

Update: In its latest version, Netflix removed the check for unsupported devices check so it should now work without any changes. Just update the Netflix apk from the Android market, restart the device and it should work fine. In certain configurations, you might experience a weird sound issue where the sound track plays faster than the video, a so called “chipmunk sound”. In this case, you’ll still need to change build.prop per the instructions.

If you want to use the newly released Android Netflix application for your Nook Color, you’ll have the unpleasant surprise that it doesn’t work out of the box. The reason is that Nook Color doesn’t support the required DRM Netflix need for streaming, but it looks like Netflix does only a minor check for the device name that is part of the build.prop file. A quick change of the build prop can fool the application, at least for now. Here is how to do it:

Step 0: Check our article about changing the build.prop to find out how to access the file and edit it. If you haven’t root your Nook Color yet, we have an extensive series of articles in how to perform it, especially this one.

Step 1. Pull out the build.prop file with the following command

Read More…

Boxee Box Fiona 1.1 Firmware Released (ver.

Boxee Box is an excellent media streamer / player, one of the best ever tested, supporting a huge number of channels and local content with Windows network shares support as well, however, nothing is perfect and, with the new Fiona Fiona firmware release, Boxee Box gets a little bit more mature. Among the new notable features there is a big browser update that improves the user interface, better HTML5  that will make the browser compatible with HBO GO, must have new features as Bookmarks (Favorites) and History, new OnScreen Display for better notifications, new Movie Trailers Channel, original artwork beside NFO files is also supported and finally  a new MLB.tv channel with various improvements, SnagFilms and WealthTV.
Check after the break for the full additions / features list and also check our Boxee Box Review. Currently available for sale for around $184 at the time this post was written.

LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader Review


In our never ending quest for the perfect media player / streamer, we got one of the LG newest products, the LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader, put it to the tests and produced this review for your reading pleasure. Let’s see what it is about:
Announced at CES 2011, the LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader was advertised as a cheap solution to transform your TV into a connected set with access to a myriad of web services and applications. During the official press release, services like Netflix, Vudu, Pandora, YouTube, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus, Amazon VOD, NHL GameCenter, NBA Game Live, and MLB.TV were announced as well, also an integrated web browser and the capability to run Apps from the LG App Store (social capabilities include Facebook and Twitter access). The box would be an official competitor to other boxes that we reviewed including Boxee Box, Google TV, Roku or WD TV Live Plus. Does it provide? Read away… Read More…