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Brydge iPad Keyboard Review

For those less familiar with the Brydge Keyboards, the company made headlines a couple of years ago with a very successful and well funded Kickstarter project ($797,979 received vs $90,000 goal), quite an achievement. The promised product was an anodized aluminum keyboard that will transform your iPad in a laptop for around $150. Now, two years later the Brydge keyboards are not only a reality, but the company is producing several different models including one featuring Bluetooth speakers and a black poly-carbonate model for the budget minded users. The model we received is Brydge+ with Speakers currently selling for $149.99 (reduced from an original $199) , the company’s most luxurious product to date. I had the chance to play with it for several days at which point my wife made it clear that she wants it…You can never win! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, jump ahead for the full review. Read More…

HP TouchSmart tm2 convertible tablet review

I am lucky, really really lucky. I received a new laptop at work. Like many other people around, I have a long commute. Fortunately I can take the train, but even so, I am more than 3 hours a day on the road (or railroad to be precise). A notebook is mandatory.

Now, I mentioned I am lucky and the reason is that I can decide of what hardware I buy at work. So I looked around really hard and noticed that HP launched their new HP TouchSmart tm2 Convertible Tablet PC, so I bought it. I really like it, so here are the details:

HP TouchSmart tm2 is HP’s first convertible laptop for consumers featuring multitouch technology. This model also adds a stylus to use when the laptop is folded in tablet mode. It uses a 12.1″ LED display with a resolution of 1280×800. The touch-pad is fairly large and the mouse buttons are embedded in it. That means you can also navigate on the mouse buttons surface, as they are part of the touch-pad, but I find myself missing the touch feel of the real buttons.


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