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Kindle here, Kindle there, Kindle everywhere – Kindle eReader Beta for the Web launches

Since having Kindle eReader software available on all popular hardware platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac and BlackBerry (phones and recently launched PlayBook tablet) is obviously not enough, with the latest launch Amazon’s Kindle availability jumps fairly close to 100%. Why? Because the company just launched Kindle for the Web and that soon will include your toaster (because Web browsing on your fridge is certainly 1999-ish at this point).

The new Kindle for the Web application runs inside your Web Browser, it lets you read eBooks and it even includes some sort of social functionality by offering the ability to embed book samples on blogs in a YouTube-esque manner.

The good thing is that you don’t need to download/install any additional software. The bad thing is that it is currently available only by invitation and only to the ones enrolled in Amazon affiliate program. But it will be universally released soon.

Among the standard features, the Web app matches fairly well the standard set of specifications found on other platforms including synchronization (in case you left your Kindle 3 at home) between multiple devices and adds sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook and e-mail.

In case you are curious, the book I am currently reading is “The Evolutionary Void” by Peter F. Hamilton,  the last part of the excellent Science Fiction series “The Void Trilogy”. Highly recommended ;).

Check after the break so see Kindle for the Web in action (you can also embed your reader into your website).

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Amazon to release Kindle App for the recently announced PlayBook Tablet BlackBerry

For those of you that for one reason or another don’t like dedicated eReaders lie Kindle 3 or Nook, Amazon is still happy to sell you as many books as they can, so they are busy at porting their Kindle App on any device they can. Until today, they did a pretty good job to support iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac and BlackBerry. Soon they will support yet another BlackBerry device, and this time is none other than the recently announced BlackBerry tablet – PlayBook.

The application will be of course free and will have the same capability as their other implementations including buying eBooks from Amazon’s store, synchronize your reading state across multiple devices using WhisperSync technology, and, of course, reading!

PlayBook won’t be able, at least in the initial models, to be able to access Amazon’s eBook store by itself since the launch models won’t include a cellular modem, but if you already own a BlackBerry, you’ll be able to use it to tether. PlayBook does come with 802.11 wireless network so it certainly doesn’t lack connectivity.

First paid game appears on Kindle – Scrabble for $4.99

Quite a while ago Amazon created Kindle Development Kit (KDK) and released it to the developers. Today, the first product to be built on KDK surfaced and it is a game. Scrabble for Kindle retails for $4.99 and is the first premium application to run on Kindle. Let’s hope more will follow soon.

Scrabble for Kindle is developed by Electronic Arts and is compatible with all Kindle SC models, Kindle 2 and Kindle 3.

KDK offers developers access to the Kindle software platform and also to the 3G wireless connectivity via Whispernet, however  there is a number of restrictions since the 3G bandwidth is rather expensive: Free or one-time purchase applications should limit their monthly data usage to under 100KB per user. Above that, there are subscription charges at $0.15/MB. The size limit for an application to be downloaded via Kindle Store is 10MB (remember Apple’s App Store?). Larger applications have to be transferred via USB.

Amazon Kindle to be sold in Staples stores in the fall

Staples just released a press release stating that it will start selling Amazon’s Kindle eReader line starting this fall, ending the monopoly that Target had as the only brick and mortar store to have Amazon’s flagship product available.

It is not clear yet how many shoppers will actually prefer to buy the reader in one of Staple’s 1550+ stores across the US, even if only due to the additional taxes. Let’s not forget that  Amazon doesn’t charge taxes in most of the states although this might change in the future. What is pretty clear though is that Staples doesn’t necessarily intend to make money from the Kindle itself but from a lot of overpriced accessories that will also available.

Currently, Kindle is sold out at Amazon and it will be interesting to know if by fall Amazon will fix their distribution chain and increase Kindle availability. If you are looking for an in-depth Kindle 3 review, look no further than here.

Hit after the break for the full press release

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Kindle 3 Review

Kindle 3 is the latest Amazon take in the eBook readers market and it does not disappoint:  It is smaller and lighter, comes in two colors and ads WiFi to the specifications list. I received mine on Friday from Amazon and had the whole weekend to play with it, so here is my experience. Before starting, I want to add that I also own Kindle 2 and Barnes and Noble’s Nook for quite a while, so my review will not only go through all the Kindle 3 functionality but it will also compare its features and usability against the other two devices. In the end, I will add a series of functionality tips and tricks destined to improve your experience.

1. Kindle 3 Unpacking

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Literati color eReader released under Sharper Image brand

A new addition to the eReaders crowd will make its way to the stores, this time under the Sharper Image brand. While unusual, it is not the first device of its kind to be distributed like this since I bough my Pandigital Novel 7 from Bed Bath and Beyond. The Literati eReader will sport a 7″ LCD display (800×480) wireless connection and a store powered by Kobo and 150 free ebooks included. The ads don’t make any reference to additional applications other than eBook reading and if they are correct, the device is rather overpriced. To be noted is the inclusion of a keyboard like the Kindle eReaders but not a touchscreen, so if an Internet Browser will ever arrive on Literati, it will probably be a bad experience.

Check after the break for the full press release.

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Barnes & Noble launches NOOK for iPhone

If for some reason you just don’t like to read eBooks on devices of a reasonable size, Barnes and Noble is happy to allow you to read them on your iPhone as well as iPod Touch. The new app is similar with the one already available on other devices as iPad, Android and even PC and synchronise the reading state between the above mentioned devices – so you can start reading at work and continue while driving ;). One feature worth mentioning that Amazon (and their Kindle platform) doesn’t offer is the ability to loan eBooks for up to two weeks right from the applications and between devices.

Kindle App for iPhone and iPad updated, gets dictionary and Wikipedia

The Kindle App for iPhone and iPad is now at the version 2.2 and the new functionality includes a dictionary with  250,000 entries and definitions, search inside the book on your iPad is now possible and Google and Wikipedia words look-up (although unfortunately not as integrated as we would like – you’ll need to exit the app  to use either Google or Wikipedia. Also new and very important for this version is the inclusion of fast app switching and other bug fixes specific for iOS 4.0. And, of course it is free.

Nook Review – 3G and WiFi, firmware 1.4 rooted version

The subject of this somewhat late review is Barnes and Noble’s answer to Amazon’s Kindle eReader, the Nook. After B&N slashes Nook’s prices to a level it became a compulsory purchase if you are a book lover, so I decided to take the plunge and buy one. I purchased the 3G version but the review will apply to both versions since the only internal difference is the presence of a 3G modem in the 3G version of the Nook and the back cover color (gray for Nook 3G, white for Nook WiFi). The reason the review is somewhat late is because I like to test my new gadgets for a couple of weeks before I review them in order to get a better feel about their usability and ergonomics. Also, the present review will apply to the rooted version of the Nook and I’ll explain in detail the differences between the rooted and the official version. The reviewed firmware version is 1.4.

1. Unpacking

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Deal of the Day – Refurbished Kindle 2 for only $109

Update: Out of stock already!

Boy I’m talking way too much these days about readers, readers and more readers. This is probably the best price ever for the latest Amazon Kindle model – shipped directly from Amazon’s Warehouse, you can score the new Kindle eReader for only $109 with free shipping and no taxes in most states. Now, there is for sure no more reason to postpone your eBook investment…think about it, $109 with Global 3G access for life and space for 1500 books!!!!