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Brydge iPad Keyboard Review

For those less familiar with the Brydge Keyboards, the company made headlines a couple of years ago with a very successful and well funded Kickstarter project ($797,979 received vs $90,000 goal), quite an achievement. The promised product was an anodized aluminum keyboard that will transform your iPad in a laptop for around $150. Now, two years later the Brydge keyboards are not only a reality, but the company is producing several different models including one featuring Bluetooth speakers and a black poly-carbonate model for the budget minded users. The model we received is Brydge+ with Speakers currently selling for $149.99 (reduced from an original $199) , the company’s most luxurious product to date. I had the chance to play with it for several days at which point my wife made it clear that she wants it…You can never win! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, jump ahead for the full review. Read More…

Hulu Plus on AppleTV, Amazon Instant Video on iPad, Apple gets serious

Although quietly, in the last two days Apple’s eco-system significantly improved, first by the addition of Hulu Plus video streaming service on their AppleTV units, and today by the launch of Amazon Instant Video on iPad (iPhone/iPod owners are out of luck for now). With the latest launches, Apple just became one of the strongest competitor in the media streaming market (their Apple TV supports the three big market players – Netflix, Hulu and Amazon) with the one big omission in my opinion being HBO GO. On the tablet category, iPad has by far the largest streaming support at the moment, Amazon Instant Video being only supported currently on one other tablet, Amazon’s own Kindle Fire.

You can download the iPad app from iTunes here and yes, it does have access to Your Watchlist. If you have Amazon Prime for free 2-day shipping, Instant Video comes in the price together with free eBook lending. For more info, head over Amazon’s Prime webpage.

Facebook for iPad finally out, released today

After an extremely long wait, Facebook released their iPad optimized application today. The version is 4.0 and the new application is common for both iPhone and iPad devices.  Surprisingly, the app is a bit similar with the one from HP TouchPad, but more fluid. Here are some screenshots:

With Nearby, you can see when your friends checked in, the messages are nice and streamlined and finally, the Facebook chat works well, similar with other clients from Yahoo for example. The app also supports multi-touch but it more a gimmick than a useful feature. Other than iPad compatibility, there are several other changes worth mentioning:

– Games & Apps: Play games and access your favorite apps on the go
– Navigation: Send a message or see your notifications from any screen, and swipe to browse Facebook without losing your place in News Feed
– Bookmarks: Your groups, pages and apps are all in your left-hand menu, and the ones you use most are right on top
– Search: Search for anything on Facebook—people, apps, pages and more—without having to click around or switch views
– Security: We’ve added a few updates to make the app more secure

I am certainly happy that our preferred social network is finally on iPad, but now that the milestone has been reached, I can only Read More…

HP’s TouchPad Kindle Review

True to their word to bring Kindle platform to everything including your toaster, Amazon launched Kindle app for HP’s newest tablet toy, TouchPad. The application is free and matches 100% the functionality found on other platforms like Android and iPhone / iPad. That means Amazon bookstore, synchronization across platforms, etc. The basics are there as well, including portrait / landscape support, text size and font selection, search, etc.

If you want to get yours, it is free via HP App Catalog. I got mine, let’s see how it performs.

TouchPad Kindle App Review

I will start by declaring that I love reading, and my daily commute by train gives me ample opportunities to follow my passion. That being said, I tried a number of reading devices, mostly to write reviews. I started with Nook (not the Nook Color), bought Kindle 2 and 3, Nook Color which I root Read More…

CNN launches 24/7 live streaming on CNN.com and iOS devices

When I saw this news, before reading CNN’s full press release I was really happy. I cut the cable cord long time ago relying on Netflix / Hulu Plus to provide me with entertainment, however I missed CNN. I thought – hey, they finally got smart and provide us with live streaming services – it is true, but, like ESPN or HBO Go, you’ll have to have a cable  /satellite subscription to access the new CNN/HLN live streams. The iPhone / iPad app update is already available in the Apple’s app store for free (screen shots after the break) , however in order to unlock the live streaming feature you’ll need to have a subscription to one of the following:

COX – Comcast – AT&T U-verse TV, Dish Network or Suddenlink. Verizon is mentioned in the press release but not available in the app.

Interestingly enough, Time Warner is not listed as supported providers for the CNN iOS app, presumably because they already have their own streaming app?

That being said, I do hope that, with more and more people cutting the cable cord, the big content providers will understand the need to stream their live feeds online in order to reach the growing crowd that choose to not pay a cable / satellite subscription.

Read More…

iOS 4.3.4 out, nothing useful but closes the PDF jailbreakme 3.0 hole

With no other purpose other than to close the recently discovered and hugely popular security hole used in the recently released jailbreakme.com 3.0 jailbreak, Apple just launched iOD 4.3.4. Unless you have some self esteem issues if you do not have the latest update, my advice is to stay away, even if you don’t intend to jailbreak right now. Also, always behind version wise, Verizon’s iPhones get version 4.2.9 with the same fix.

So again, the only purpose of Apple’s new iOS versions is to close the existing security hole that allows the current jailbreak. You have been warned!

In case you were living under a rock, the new Jailbreakme 3.0 is a userland jailbreaking method that for the first time worked on the iPad 2 devices (and everything else) running iOS 4.3.3.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 to get some Sprint love on July 24, no 3G/4G though

Tethering through your smartphone works for you? Then save some money and skip the 3G/4G Galaxy Tab 10.1 version and get the WiFi only model. Starting on July 24th, you can pick the cheap WiFi + 16GB basic Galaxy Tab 10.1 model for around $500, no plan required (of course, Sprint will love to sign up with them and buy the MiFi router in the process), but if you already have a smartphone with a healthy data plan, don’t bother. If money is no object, wait a tad longer and get the 4G LTE version from Verizon later in the summer.

If you are still undecided as of which tablet to buy, check out our top 10 tablets article. iPad 2 is still the tablet to buy, not necessarily because of the hardware but because it still has the most tablet optimized apps by far. If you hate all things Apple though (I have a friend that does), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the next best thing. Better hardware, thinner, lighter than iPad 2, the new tablet from Samsung is the best Android tablet to date, and that is no small thing considering how diverse the Android market has become.

Check after the break for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 full technical specs. Read More…

Apple releases iBooks 1.3 with read-aloud feature

Apple just released a new iBooks app version 1.3. Beside several bug fixes, the major new feature is read-aloud that works with certain children books in the iBookstore. The main difference from let’s say Kindle 3 is that read-aloud uses a real person to narrate the books and  some books will help your children read along by highlighting the words as they are spoken. The new feature closely resemble the interactive books available on the Nook Color since last year. Some books even have video clips and other interactive features integrated. The new 1.3 update also increases iBooks speed when very large books are opened.

Read-aloud is very simple to use and iBooks allow automatic page turning and volume control from inside the application.

via iTunes

iPhone iOS 5 beta already got its own jailbreak on launch day, iPad 2 jailbreak still out of reach

This must be one of the quickest jailbreaks ever – and it comes again from our trusted Dev-Team. Its member musclenerd tweeted earlier in the day with the big announcement. Why so fast? Because the current jailbreak method is based on the popular limera1n vulnerability. The only problem is that this jailbreak is tethered, meaning you’ll have to re-apply it if you ever reboot your iOS based device. We are quite sure that an un-tethered method will follow, especially since there are still several month until the release iOS 5.0 will be publicly released. Meantime, we are still waiting for our iPad 2 jailbreak which Read More…

WatchESPN Live iPad version is here – quick review

Good news for sport lovers – WatchESPN app is now optimized for large screen, more specifically for iPad. the application is free and available right now in the app store. I downloaded in order to review it and fortunately it works with my cable provider, Times Warner.


The user interface is nice enough and polished, like most of the apps for iPad (it is good to know that good UI design practices are applied) and provides live viewing to all ESPN channels. The transition from portrait / landscape is also smooth and the layout works well.

Access: Read More…