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TiVo Premiere is now free, but subsidized via a $20 monthly fee

Well, folks, you all read about the latest deals popping out all over the web with prices for Tivo Premiere going as low as $99 (and immediately selling them on eBay for $150). Starting today, you can actually have them for free, so be sure not to fall for any “sales” you will see. What’s the catch? TiVo decided to subsidize them via a rather hefty $20 month contract for 2 years, $99 if you want only a 12-months contract. The Premiere XL version is $299 with 12 month contract and while not being extra large, it brings you THX certification. The free devices are no farther than TiVo’s own website, so you don’t really need to shop around.

TiVo premiere is the current TiVo flagship line of HD DVR boxes adding beside DVR services, web clients for Netflix, BlockBuster, Amazon Video on Demand, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Pandora, Rhapsody, Music Choice,  Live 365, Picasa, Photobucket and many more, and, the recently added Hulu Plus.

Sony Dash gets HULU Plus

Do you remember Sony Dash? It used to make big waves a while ago and then, after some bad reviews concerning its speed and ergonomics, was somewhat dormant and out of the news? Well, it is back again with a vengeance because it can now offer Hulu Plus starting today!

Based on the popular Chumby platform and inheriting over 1000 applications this way, Sony Dash is a small wireless Internet connected device with a 7 inches 800×480 resolution, 500Mhz processor with 32kB I/D L2 cache; 256 MB, 667MHz DDR2 DRAM and doubling as a media streamer and capable to connect to a myriad online services including Pandora, AccuWeather, YouTube, Flickr, Netflix, Slacker, Amazon video on Demand,  and, of course now Hulu Plus (for the standard 9.99 / month). It also doubles as an alarm clock and social network hub showing messages and news from Twitter and Facebook, your e-mail messages from GMail and others, etc. Currently on sale at Amazon for $169.

What is more interesting though, is that apparently this little device has a strong WAF (Wife Approval Factor) because it comes with bundled content from Martha Stewart, like “Dinner Tonight™ Recipe of the Day, video health tips from Dr. Oz and so on :D.

Boxee Box ships today with Netflix and Hulu Plus coming by the end of the year – did you order yours?

Good news ladies and gentleman, the long awaited boxy media streamer code name Boxee Box manufactured by D-Link is currently shipping. Long awaited because is one of a very few media streaming boxes to support a browser (and a good one, nonetheless, WebKit based with HTML 5 support), Adobe Flash 10.1, a QWERTY remote control and compatibility with every codec under the sun including MKV, XVID, DIVX, h264, etc.

This is not all, as everybody probably wondered, the box will support both Netflix and Hulu Plus before the end of the year, it is confirmed!!!! (see Boxee blog)

The supported resolutions include 1080p and the box has a DLNA client and can also access your network shares (really cool if you have a home server). Compatibility with Adobe flash ensures easy development and the box will ship at launch with over 400 software applications and web clients including popular ones as Twitter, Pandora, Last.FM, Amazon Video on Demand, Digg, Revision 3, CNN, YouTube, etc. Mine just shipped today and will post a review as soon as I get it.
One more thing, if you used Boxee software or Windows Media Center with some kind of audio / video library software like Media browser, you will be glad to know that Boxee Box supports the same features, displaying the artwork, movie covers, etc via automatic downloads.

Full codec support list:

  • FLV/On2 VP6 (FLV/FV4/M4V)
  • MPEG-4 (MP4/AVI/MOV)
  • Xvid (AVI/MKV)
  • DivX 3/4/5/6 (AVI/MKV)

HULU Plus to cut prices, is your media streamer ready?

Let’s face it, we all knew that HULU Plus price was really high at $9.95, especially considering how much you would get from Netflix at the same price and apparently  HULU figured it out  – the price is the cause of the lackluster performance or at least the high price combined with low quality content. As a result, the company is considering a 50% price drop to a low $4.95 / month in the hopes the service adoption will jump-start.

The HULU Plus is currently available on the iPad, XBOX 360 and Sony PS3 which is impressive, but Netflix is currently available on a much larger number of devices including most modern Blu-ray players, connected TV sets, cheap set top boxes as WD TV Live Plus, iPhone and the recently launched Google TV. At $8.99, Netflix also provides significantly more content and no commercials. HULU is making you pay a monthly fee AND is forcing you to watch commercials.

What is your opinion? What would it take to make get a HULU subscription?

Sony PS3 gets 2010 exclusivity for Hulu Plus

Long live the exclusivity game…not! As an answer to Netflix exclusivity for XBOX 360, PS3 is enjoying exclusivity for Hulu Plus so the world is in balance again. Hulu Plus is available only for the ones that signed for Playstation Plus as well for now, but soon the availability will be extended to every PS3 owner with an internet connection (and living in US, of course). The monthly price is set at $10. The only question that remains is: Will the XBOX 360 get Hulu Plus on a DVD ? 😉

Now that Sony got the exclusivity, wouldn’t be a nice gesture to offer the standard Hulu for free? After all, they certainly have the software available.

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Hulu launches $9.99 monthly premium service called Hulu Plus

Heavily rumored for the past several weeks and widely expected, Hulu just announced the launching of a new premium tier for $9.99 a month. The new premium plan will allow subscribers access to  an entire TV season. The free tier will also be still available.

Hulu Plus will initially be available on Apple’s iPad and iPhone as well as XBOX 360 (early 2011), Samsung TV and Blu-ray players and Sony PS3, TV and Blu-ray players and Vizio. Initially the service will be rolled out based on invitations.

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