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Western Digital WD TV Live Plus 1080p Media Player/Streamer Review

1. Introduction

I am using a Windows Media Center HTPC in living-room, where my main home theater system resides, but I wanted to be able to access Netflix/home network content in the bedroom as well, and, due to obvious reasons a full featured PC didn’t quite cut it (noise, form factor, etc). I just wanted something simple, low power and fast to boot, something that my wife will also enjoy. I was familiar with Western Digital’s line of media streamers, but they only supported Netflix via DLNA, when combined with something like PlayOn. Not user friendly enough. Then, the big day has come and WD released their WD TV Live Plus media streamer finally including  Netflix. (Netflix is now what mp3 used to be a while ago, a must have for everything that connects to the TV – Blu-ray players, media streamers, etc) Read More…

Netflix capable Viewsonic’s VMP75 1080p Network Media Player available for pre-order

Behold yet another Netflix capable media streamer, the newly launched Viewsonic VMP75. Remember when every little device had to have mp3 playing capability or else wouldn’t sell? Well, a number of years later the trend shifted toward Netflix capability. Everything from Blu-ray players, connected TVs and media streamers has to support Netflix…And I like it. The question is of course, prices being fairly similar, how to differentiate from the competitors? Viewsonic adds support for ShoutCast radio for example…and, surprise: an Internet Browse (but not flash compatible). Available for pre-order now at Amazon. Photo Gallery / Specs available after the break.

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Deal of the Day – Sanyo VPC-FH1A Full HD Video and 8 MP Digital Photos at $279

Big drop in price: Amazon has an amazing deal for the Sanyo VPC-FH1A High Definition Camcorder, also capable of taking 8MP still pictures for a very low price of $279 no taxes and free shipping in most of the country. The Transcend 16GB seems also a good deal at $36.05. mostly excellent reviews with many praises for low light capability. I bought it myself when it was $329, expect a review to follow shortly. A great feature of this camera is the ability to transfer videos directly to an external hard-drive via USB, really convenient when you don’t want to carry your notebook. Manual (PDF) here.

Technical Details

  • Capture Full 1080p HD video (60fps) and up to 8-megapixel still photos
  • 16x advanced zoom for video; 10x optical zoom for photos
  • Face Chaser technology (can detect up to 12 faces for photos and videos)
  • Built-in still photo flash; High-Speed Sequential Shooting (12fps)
  • Compatible with iFrame (Apple friendly) video format that can drastically speed up the editing time

My Home Theater PC Story – The hardware


I like to have everything at a finger’s touch so I started to build a home theater system more than a year ago. Since then the system went through several upgrades, both hardware and software but functionality is the same: To provide me with easy access to my movie library and also with TV access to continuously growing offer of digital media available online.

My main goals for a Home Theater PC were the following:


1. Good looking case that would integrate easily with my other components

2. Able to play everything there is (and that includes 1080p stuff). As simple as that.

3. Low noise level

4.Reasonable price (under $1000)

5.Fast boot time

6.Remote control capability


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My Home Theater System

I built myself a really nice Home Theater System around my LG 60PS80 Plasma TV, VSX82-TXS Pioneer Receiver and a custom build HTPC. I will add more details in the following days, when I’ll begin a new series related to Windows 7 Media Center (7MC) and various available plug-ins. Stay tuned. Meantime, enjoy these pictures.