Choiix Cooler Master Wave Stand Review – Universal Foldable Tablet Stand for iPad, Xoom, Nook, Kindle Fire and everything else


Once a product becomes popular enough, the number of accessories designed around it explodes as well. We all now that the tablet is currently one of the most sought after toy to carry around and various accessories were quick to appear on the market following its success. Beside cases, the stands play a significant role in a tablet usage, useful in a variety of situation –  if you are trying to watch a movie, together with your kids for example. One of such stands is the new Cooler Master Wave Stand, a universal tablet stand sold by Cooler Master and officially launched today. I obtained a unit  about a month ago, before it was officially released and the current review contains my experience with this product.



  • Compatible with iPad, iPad2, Xoom, Flyer, and most tablet PCs
  • Premium aluminum fits your tablet in stylish
  • Slim size for convenient carry
  • Support table PC in landscape and portrait orientation
  • Foldable, holds the tablet in different angles
  • model name C-IP0S-ALWV-SK
  • dimensions: 148 x 100 x 32 mm (5.8 x 3.9 x 1.3 in)
  • weight 336g (0.74lb)



While I have seen my share of cheap stands and cases, mostly made out of plastic, Cooler Master’s new product, the Wave Stand is from both a design and build perspective on a completely different level. First of all, the entire stand is made entirely out of aluminum and rubber pads are used to increase its adherence to the tablet and to the mounting surface as well. The design itself is simple enough to figure out from the photos I attached – a simple and elegant three element design consisting of one hinge and three legs, one used for supporting the tablet, the other two to act as a platform. The central leg used to support the tablet can be rotated at various angles, perfect for watching movies or a photo slideshow.

Folded, the Cooler Master Wave Stand is quite compact at 5.8 x 3.9 x 1.3 inches. When fully extended, the total height is around 6″.



As a reviewer and a gadget lover, I have a large number of tablets around the house, including a Nook Color / Tablet, an iPad 2, a HP TouchPad and a Kindle Fire. The Cooler Master Wave Stand is able to accommodate all of them, and more, in Portrait and Landscape position. I really like the overall weight and sturdiness, it gives you a feeling of security. While not the cheapest (onthe contrary you might say), in my opinion Cooler Master Wave Stand well worth its price (around $40) and it is the best tablet stand I have seen to date. I also noticed something peculiar – the stand looks so shiny and gives such a quality feeling that my 2 year old son keeps stealing it and likes just to hold it, for minutes at a time.

Note: Please take a look in the photo gallery, the pictures worth a thousand words (each 😉 )

  • excellent build quality
  • heavy, stable, made entirely of aluminum
  • accommodates all tablets regardless of size or weight in both portrait or landscape
  • adjustable angle
  • a bit pricier than other stands, but well worth it