Archive | December 5, 2011

Choiix Cooler Master Wave Stand Review – Universal Foldable Tablet Stand for iPad, Xoom, Nook, Kindle Fire and everything else


Once a product becomes popular enough, the number of accessories designed around it explodes as well. We all now that the tablet is currently one of the most sought after toy to carry around and various accessories were quick to appear on the market following its success. Beside cases, the stands play a significant role in a tablet usage, useful in a variety of situation –¬† if you are trying to watch a movie, together with your kids for example. One of such stands is the new Cooler Master Wave Stand, a universal tablet stand sold by Cooler Master and officially launched today. I obtained a unit¬† about a month ago, before it was officially released and the current review contains my experience with this product. Read More…