How to install Android / CyanogenMod on HP TouchPad

Following several other popular articles from CyanogenMod 7 series, today we’ll go in detail and provide a step by step tutorial to install the popular Android CyanogenMod 7.1 on the super cheap HP TouchPad tablet that many of us scored some time ago. Before we actually proceed with the tutorial, I need to say that none of the information described here is new, but picked up from various forums. For the software, my thanks and the full recognition goes to the amazing CyanogenMod team that spent their time and effort to provide us with excellent software for free. I did go through the steps myself while installing the CyanogenMod onto my two TouchPads, and went also through my share of hurdles and mistakes. The result? A very functional Android CyanogenMod 7 TouchPad with applications like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Facebook, Android Market, Amazon App Market, games, news, YouTube, eBook reader, etc. I almost forgot, overclocked perfectly stable to 1.8Ghz as well, which gave me a quadrant score of 2753. And that is only the beginning considering that the hardware acceleration is incomplete and the version is still a very young Alpha one.

That being said, the standard disclaimer here: This process changes your devices at a very low level. Proceed only if you know what you are doing. While a complete brick is highly unlikely, it is certainly possible. You have been warned! This version of CyanogenMod 7 is Alpha, so expect crashes and other issues.

And now, let’s proceed with the tutorial! Eventually, the end result should be something like this:



Update 2: CM7 Alpha 3 is out and can be downloaded here (original thread)

or directly here: (md5: 3b7d774ae2833722c9883e77a0e86024)

The CM7 Alpha 3 fixes the following issues:

  • The “sleep of death” or SOD – when the tablet wouldn’t wake up after a deep sleep
  • support for the HP TouchPad 4G.
  • better WiFi (coold, this is actually the only issue that I personally experienced)
According to some reports, Alpha 3 also broke the headphones again, so if that is important to you, wait until a new version comes out.

Update CM7 Alpha 2.1 is out and can be downloaded here: (original thread)

or directly here: (md5: 43e811fc10da37696a6fce20d6118bb2)

The new ACME installer is located also in the original thread or here:

If you installed the previous alpha 1 version, installing the alpha 2.1 version is trivial. Boot in recovery, select install a zip file from SD card and point to the place you downloaded the new image. After the initial longer boot, everything will start nicely with a much more stable build. Among the changes, there is the WiFi issue fixed, one kind of sleep of death fixed, headphones sound  / speaker sound fixed, etc.  Same if you upgrade from Alpha 2.1 to 3. Just boot in recovery, select install a zip file from SD card and point to the new file.


Step 1: Download Prerequisites

1. PC Side

  • You will need Novacom drivers installed on your PC/MAC/Linux machine so you can connect to the TouchPad in terminal mode and be able to send commands to it. The Novacom drivers are located in here, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and install the drivers on your platform (be careful with 32/64 bit for Windows). On my system I used novacom-win-64.tgz. When you install them on a PC, you might want to run the installer as an Administrator (right click on the installer and choose the “Run as administrator” option).
  • You will also need the ACME Installer (name

2. TouchPad side

You will need to download a number of packages (via RootzWiki)

A bit later, you’ll also need:

  • Google Apps (Market and all that stuff). You normally get them from CyanogenMod website, but I couldn’t do it unfortunately, their website seems to have some issues at the time of writing. An alternative mirror for the latest Google Apps is here.
  • Market filter fix – by default, you’ll notice that Android Market installed on the TouchPad filters a number of apps including Netflix and FaceBook. We’ll get to this later.

Step 2: Prepare the TouchPad for the initial CyanogenMod install

  • In order to prepare TouchPad for installing the CyanogenMod, you’ll need to connect it via USB (as an USB drive), and once you can explore it as a drive, create a folder called cminstall in the root.
  • Inside the cminstall folder, copy the three files downloaded for the TouchPad – the Moboot, the ClockWork Recovery and obviously the CyangenMod 7 image. The cminstall folder should contain these 3 files:, and As newer versions will be released, the names will change. I’ll try to keep you updated when this happens.
  • Once you copied the files, eject your TouchPad and reboot it.
  • Very important! Immediately after reboot,  press and hold the Volume up button. The TouchPad will enter in a special mode where you can connect to it using a terminal window. If you successfully entered in this mode, you’ll see an USB bright white symbol on the TouchPad screen, and nothing else. You need a full reboot (via power down  completely your TouchPad followed by powering it on while holding the Volume Up button, not just a Luna restart)


Step 3: The CyanogenMod installation:

  • Uncompress ACMEInstaller somewhere on your computer, ideally in the same folder where your Palm Novacom was installed. On my system, the location was C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc
  •  Start Command Line Prompt typing cmd in the Search (Windows Start) or from Start->All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt. Navigate to the folder where you uncompressed the ACMEInstaller using the DOS CD command. For C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc folder, use cd C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc
  • Once you are in the right folder, type the following command –
  • novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller
  • followed by pressing Enter.
  • This step make take a long time, anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes without any progress notification. I wasn’t patient enough initially and I thought the process was hung up, but hopefully you will learn from my experience.
  • If nothing happens (or you get Unknown Command), make sure that you are actually in the right folder when you type the novacom command

Step 4: The Grand Result!

Once the CyanogenMod 7 will be installed, TouchPad will reboot automatically and you will be greeted with a multi-boot menu (if everything went fine, that is).


Step 5: Install Google’s Android Marketplace

To install Google Android Marketplace, you’ll need to install Google Apps first. In case you didn’t download the file during step one, here is the link again. Once downloaded, do not unzip, but copy the file the way it is somewhere on your TouchPad. I usually use Download folder for this. After you copied the file, reboot and at the multi-boot menu choose ClockworkMod option. The Recovery mode will start.Inside the recovery mode, you’ll be able to navigate with the Volume buttons and you will use Home button as OK.

  • choose install zip from SD card option
  • navigate to the download folder and select either or depending which file you downloaded.
  • the Google Marketplace installation will start
  • when the installation is finished, reboot
  • proceed with creating an account if you don’t already have, or log-in using your existing one. Right at the beginning, you’ll need to wait until the installer figures out that you don’t have a data connection available and falls back to wireless.

Once the Marketplace is installed, you might figure out that some apps are filtered. Fortunately there is a patch for that called Just download the patch from here and install it the same way you installed the Marketplace (boot into Clockwork Mod, select install zip from SD card option and point to the downloaded patch). Upon restart, all the applications will be visible in the marketplace including Facebook, Netflix ,, etc.


Step 6: Install Amazon Android App Market

You  can also install Amazon Android App Market and it works well. You can download the apk file from here (not the last one, but after the installation it will prompt you automatically to install the latest and the greatest). After the installation, sign in with the Amazon account and you are good to go for those free app of the day deals. To enable apk install directly from the Amazon App store, go to (home) Settings->Applications->Unknown sources and enable the option.


Step 7: Overclock

I used CPU Master with very good results. In my case, I was able to overclock up to almost 1.8Ghz and although the CyanogenMod 7 for TouchPad Alpha version is not completely optimized, I got a good Quadrant 2753 score. I can’t wait to see what the next versions will bring to the table.


It is a good idea to play for a while without setting the overclock option on boot, just to see if everything is stable. In my case I have zero crashes after a day of intensive use, so everything is peachy.



  • Wireless might not come back after sleep (setting it to never sleep by going into Settings->Wireless & networks->WiFi Settings-> (push settings button again from the status bar to reveal Advanced panel)->Wi-Fi sleep policy) but it will kill your battery faster
  • occasionally TouchPad will fail to wake up from sleep, so you’ll need to restart it. Press Power + Home buttons for 20+ seconds and it will restart. One possible solution is to set the minimum frequency from 192 to 384 Mhz. It was reported that this trick fixes the sleep of death for some, but others are still experiencing SOD (sleep of death).
  • The hardware acceleration is not completely implemented, Hulu Plus playback is somewhat choppy.
  • For those that are trying to use Facebook and get a force close, try installing a fake location service like Fake GPS from the market (free). After you set a location, Facebook won’t crash anymore. You’ll have to start Fake GPS every time you restart your tablet though.
  • The sound keeps coming out of the speaker, even with the headphones connected.

CyanogenMod TouchPad Tips & Tricks:


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  • Anonymous

    I tried running the command prompt as administrator, but got the same result: “Acess is denied”.

  • Spencer Bardsley

    When I try to install google apps in the clockworkmod it keeps aborting the install. On the screen after I select the “choose zip from sdcard” there are a bunch of “No”‘s and one with the file. The weird thing is that after the file name it says “No” as well. Any help would be appreciated

  • Spencer Bardsley

    Looks like I had some bad downloads. Works now.

  • Anonymous

    Yes same running cmd as Admin..have shut down rebooted still get access denied”
    would really like to get this going.

  • Anonymous

    still get “Access Denied” have moved the unzipped ACMEinstaller to other folder, CD to that new folder still getting blocked ??

  • Anonymous

    Yes same running cmd as Admin..have shut down rebooted still get access denied”
    also have moved the unzipped ACMEinstaller to other folder, CD to that new folder still getting blocked ??
    would really like to get this going.

  • Try to unzip ACMEInstaller as a folder instead as just a file…It should solve the access denied issue!

  • Anonymous

    I found the FIX.

    1. Navigate to C:Program FilesPalm, Inc
    2. You chould have ACMEInstaller unzipped in this folder
    3. Left click on ACMEInstaler to hightlight it, then right click on it
    4. Go down to the bottom and click on properties
    5. Under General tab, at the bottom click on Unblock tab and then click OK.

    This worked for me. Enjoy!

  • Jeffrey Gruber

    I got this far and when I try to run novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller it says unknown command. I am in the right directory because when I run just novacom it shows me the help. I've tried a number of variations. The best I can get is failed to connect to server. Can you help?

  • When it says failed to connect to server, it looks like at least is trying to issue a command. Is your touchpad in USB mode? (photo from step 2?)

  • When it says failed to connect to server, it looks like at least is trying to issue a command. Is your touchpad in USB mode? (photo from step 2?)

  • Charles Lee

    Yeah I thought I had installed the most up to date version but it appears I did not download the alpha 2.1 update yet. Will check it out. Thanks for your response!

  • Tim Scott

    I did exactly as described. It only boots to the first green android screen. have tried to doctor it back and reinstall, but same problem. it doesn’t take 5-10 mins to install, more like 3, so I’m not sure if I’m getting it all installed for some reason? all install files are ok.

    any idea what the problem is?
    how can i check if i have everything installing as it should?

  • Anonymous

    I just followed the steps – it took less than 5 min to install and done.
    It has no problem so far on most apps I installed
    Many (many)^10^6 thanks for people who worked to bring this up.

  • i am having same issue did everything directions told me and nothing happens after press enter on cmd

  • I had this installed and all was working great, my TP stopped booting to moboot so I did a complete format and tried to redo everything. After attempting the above process again, I am still unable to get this to work again. My TP still wont boot to moboot. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

  • I had this installed and all was working great, my TP stopped booting to moboot so I did a complete format and tried to redo everything. After attempting the above process again, I am still unable to get this to work again. My TP still wont boot to moboot. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

  • ricky robinson

    This is awesome! I always wanted this thing to do Android. WebOs is cool but there’s no apps. I had one of the first Pre’s and thought it was was a good idea but lacked in the app department. A developer friend of mine told me that the approval process was way too involved and that’s why there’s not a lot of apps for WebOs.

  • Anonymous

    Great post. I installed Linux using cheroot last weekend. The hardest part was getting novacomd to Runyon Fedora. It only took 10 minutes to get CM running tonight. I am getting an error message saying I don’t have enough space to sync all my apps from my phone. I’ve got the 32GB model so I am guessing it’s just an allocation thing. Have you run in to that problem yet?

  • David Kromm

    New to android but so far love the port having one issue not sure if it is the port or me when I go to resize a widget after it is on my desktop i get the arrows I can move them around to shrink it but I cant get out of that screen? am I missing somthing?

    also is there a problem charging in this alpha build I have had it on the charger for about 45 min it is showing charging but i am still at 29% other then these two things and the battery drain issue that they know about this is a great alpha build.

  • David, to get out of that screen, use the back arrow on the notification bar.

  • Jason, did you try to re-install moboot via ACME Installer? It should recover your multiboot menu which also disappear for me when I used the doctor to restore a damaged webos.

  • David Kromm

    sweet the only thing i didnt try.

  • Robert Malaniuk

    Step 4: I don’t get the “boot CyanogenMod” option…..any ideas?

  • hit the back arrow on the bottom and it will return you to the current screen

  • any one having issue with the FB app.

  • It needs location services – install Fake GPS from the market and it won’t crash anymore.

  • buenas tardes estaba tratando de instalar android en el hp touchpad pero no se instala el acme installer q hago si en l tablet ya hice los primeros pasos.

  • C.J

    Have you found any sort of solution to this?

  • C.J

    Did you find a solution to this?

  • Tommy Courtemanche

    I had a similar issue with the wi-fi.

    First, make sure that airplane mode is not on (somehow it was activated on my install???).

    Second, your wi-fi cache could have gotten corrupt, you will have to clear out your wi-fi settings. See the instructions on Cyanogenmod forum under “HOW DO I CLEAR OUT ALL MY WIFI SETTINGS AND START FRESH”

    Basically, you open a terminal session, if your prompt starts with a $ instead of a #, type “su” (ignore the quotes) and hit enter – this will put you in superuser mode and change to a # prompt. Next, type in “rm -rf /data/misc/wifi && reboot” (ignoring the quotes). This will clear the wi-fi cache and reboot the TouchPad.

  • Anonymous

    first of all thanks for the help. After installation I noticed that the camera does not work, and I have problems with noise in the audio when the HP sleeps

    Rosivaldo Days

  • Paul Arceneaux

    I’m on the third step. I seem to be able to do the novacom command fine and the device goes to the HP logo screen without issue. The novacom command just returns to the prompt (so I’m assuming that it’s working fine). The device never gets past the HP logo. It just stays in that state. I can reboot the touchpad but no luck on the boot loader being on the system. Any ideas?

    I’ve waited as long as 20 minutes in this state without any changes.

  • Spencer Bardsley

    Hey, Successfully installed android and used it for a while. Well something was going on with my sound so I did a restart from the power menu. Since then android will only load the little icon on the skateboard and just stay there. I’ve let it go for hours to see if there would be a change…but nothing.

    Can still boot into webos with no problem.



  • Anonymous

    I tried typing the following:
    Once you are in the right folder, type the following command – novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller followed by Enter.

    I received a "device not found" message.

  • while the ACME is installing on my touchpad, it gives me an error,
    Unable to resize filesystem. minimum size 22877810 sectors, 22544384 requested.
    resizefat failed! Aborting! please reboot

    what’s up with this?

  • what do i do when the main screen freezes? i can press the home button and sleep button, but cannot touch anything on the screen that will take action

  • Can you uninstall some apps from WebOS?

  • Jason Sheroan

    I have the same problem, only for me it says “Unknown Command”. ! I have the ACMEInstaller file unzipped to the Palm, Inc folder where the novacom file is located. Nothing in the Properties of the ACME file to “unblock” either. The command is interupted on this tutorial, so I can’t tell exactly how it’s to be typed. Is there a space before the < and after? I'm typing it as such. Both ways actually. And i'm assuming you HIT enter, not type enter. This blows… right out of the gate! Using Win7, admin.

  • Jason Sheroan

    I can’t get my TP to go into USB mode by pressing and holding VOL up. It goes into USB mode because it’s plugged into a USB port, and a message comes up asking me if I want to mount it as a USB drive, or Close. Is THAT white USB image the same as what you are referencing? Mine shows a “hard drive case” around it. Not just the white logo. AND, mine is facing up, not left to right like in your picture. My TP is in landscape too. I can’t get the ACMEInstaller to run per your commands, in Windows 7 or OS X. So… I have a feeling it’s related to what “mode” I’m in. Also, when you say do a “reboot”, is this the same as doing a Luna restart? Or are you talking a total power down, then back on again?

  • Jason Sheroan

    This is why I dreaded doing this… what should be easy, turns out not to be so easy, and you have to wait and wait and read and read for fixes, etc. It could take me ALL DAY to do this, depending on fast I get answers. Frustrating. But thank you for all the advice so far and the wonderful tutorial.

  • Jason, you should turn your TP off first (complete power down) and then power it back on while holding the VOL button. It should then go in that specific USB mode instead of booting normally.

  • Jason Sheroan

    Details people, details. Here is the problem… there are two types of USB modes you can be in. Either the one where the TP asks if you want to mount the device as a USB Drive (Or hit cancel), the one referenced in this tutorial. They are not the same! The tutorial says “Very important! Immediately after reboot, press and hold the Volume up button”, which is true. However, there are details worth mentioning or left out completely If you have Preware installed, and you are running the Advanced Power Button patch, choose Power Off (or Shut down whatever it says), not Luna Restart. If you don’t have this installed, then you “reboot” by holding the power button down to turn the machine off. However, a small detail is missing from this tutorial. After holding the Power button down, the unit shuts off. Then press it again obviously to turn the unit back on, BUT
    The device will almost immediately go into the correct USB mode. Now I can check to see if the command prompt works for installing ACMEInstaller and will report back. Thanks!?

  • Hi Jason, thanks for the added details, I’ll update the tutorial to make the things clearer. I assume different things have different meanings for different people…

  • your TP might not be in the special USB mode like in the picture and connected to the computer?

  • Anonymous

    hi, i got cm alpha 2. it worked fine for a week, but once it shut down due to battery, since then this cm symbol comes and arrow goes arround but does not boot at all, any thoughts. i tried back up and restore from clockwork no use. any suggestions please

  • Hi, I noticed you live in Simi Valley, I live in Moorpark, any chance I could pay you to convert my 2 touchpads? 🙂 If so send an email to and let me know the cost.

    Thx, Rick

  • Anonymous

    I’m having this issue, and yes, my TP is in USB mode. There’s a cminstall folder with the three files, running cmd.exe as root, everything. I dunno.

  • Total Creation

    I am in special USB mode like in the picture and I still get a “device not found” .

    According to windows it sees and connects to the touchpad and I can even eject it. But for whatever reason when running the command through the prompt box I get this error.

    What’s strange is that I’ve installed this on the touchpad before using this method and it worked just fine.

    Something tells me that windows 7 x64 isn’t playing nice.

  • Cy Burkhart

    No. I kinda gave up, but I still really want it.