Angry Birds for Nook Color gets free Mighty Eagle if you play in Barnes and Noble Stores

It looks like Barnes and Noble is getting serious in their plans to support their own Android App Store for Nook Color and announces its first exclusive – a tweaked Angry Birds version for Nook Color that gives you goodies for playing it in B&N stores (and being connected to B&N WiFi network), making the first Angry Birds implementation to be location aware. Apparently, B&N tries to steal some of the Apple’s “magic” designating their own stores as a “Magic Place”.

The first bonus to be given in the above “Magic Place” is a free Mighty Eagle with other in-game bonuses and content made available to returning visitors. It is obviously a clever marketing trick to get as many visitors as possible, considering the popularity of Rovio’s game. The deal between Rovio and Barnes and Noble goes even further with various Angry Birds related merchandise now being available in B&N store and some freebies as well including stickers and temporary tattoos for your kids.

Nook Color’s low price ($249) and capabilities makes it the second best selling tablet behind only Apple’s iPad. A considerable number of people rooted it to overcome B&N’s limitations and convert in in a full Android tablet. For more information, check our series of tutorials to learn about how to root your Nook Color.

via Barnes & Noble


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