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Deal of the Day – $120 shipped – Duracell DPP-600HD Powerpack 600 Jump Starter & Emergency Power Source with Radio

Amazon has this absolutely useful Duracell DPP-600HD portable power pack for $119 with no taxes and free shipping (which is a feat in itself considering the weight). I got this about three years ago and it saved me by starting both my Honda Accord and Odyssey when the battery died. The unit also has a radio / light integrated, 110V inverter, 12V output, etc. Paid more than double for it and worth every penny. Initially bought it for camping, can easily power your laptop / small TV for many hours.

Check out my Duracell DPP-600HD review.

Product Features

  • Contains three three-pronged AC outlets (480-watt continuous / 600-watt peak) to power multiple devices, appliances and tools
  • Contains one DC outlet which can be used to both power devices and recharge the HD600 unit
  • Built-in 600-watt power inverter, 5-watt flashlight, overload/over-temperature protection and reverse polarity detection
  • Sealed, non-spillable 28 amp hour AGM battery and detachable alligator clamps for jump-starting cars (up to 8-cylinder); refer to users’ manual for charging instructions
  • Built-in AM/FM radio and digital alarm clock


Fanhattan brings Netflix/Hulu/iTunes movie search integration to iPad

We all love our iPads, especially because it offers clients for the most popular movie streaming services on the web – Netflix, Hulu Plus and iTunes. The only problem – whenever you want to see a movie, it is a nuisance to search every service to determine where exactly it is available, whether paid or free, etc. Not anymore! Fanhattan launched an application with the same name for iPad that unifies the movie search between the three big services and returns combined searches by movie name, genre, actor, etc.

The providers supported for now are Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and the quite nice ABC Player and beside the movie source, the query will also return additional information including cast, reviews, ratings, social pages, etc. We need to mention that the actual streaming won’t happen from the Fanhattan (is it Manhattan with Fun?) but from the particular client of the service the selected movie belongs to.

The Fanhattan app is free and available right now on iTunes.

Google +1 Button for sites code featured in AdSense, WordPress plugin to follow

Immediately after adding the +1 button in their search results, an obvious equivalent of Facebook’s Like button, Google promised that soon we’ll be able to incorporate it on our website, just like the other social buttons are integrated. This morning, checking my AdSense account, I saw the following message under recommendations:

Adding the +1 button to your pages allows users to recommend your content to friends and contacts on Google search. As a result, you could get more and better qualified traffic.

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Genius Ring Mouse Review

While we are not used to see completely innovative products coming very often on the market from the Taiwanese company Genius, this time they managed to impress with something never before seen – a wireless mouse small enough to wear on your finger, shaped as a ring that also managed to score an iF design award. Is it a new gimmick? Is it something functional? Is it a must have? I played with the new Genius Ring Mouse (or by its official name – Wireless Thumb Cursor Controller) for a while (or to be more precise until my wife saw it, liked it and stole it from me to use it herself) and my impressions are detailed in this review. Read along!


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Hulu signs Miramax deal, expect many movies on Hulu Plus today

Miramax signed a deal recently with Netflix to bring many of their movies to your instant queue and today they announced a second partner for streaming – Hulu. Many quality movies in the collection including Reservoir DogsPulp FictionClerksSling BladeThe English PatientTrainspottingGood Will Hunting and Amelie are available on Hulu Plus starting today. Regular Hulu service which is free will not have the new package available.

What is really interesting and a radical departure from the standard Hulu Plus experience is that the new Miramax movies will stream ad-free (and HD). I wonder if this is a sign that Hulu is trying to be more competitive against Read More…