People still waiting for an untethered iPad 2 jailbreak

It seems that to date, iPad 2 proved to be the toughest nut , err, apple to crack and without a doubt, Apple will do whatever it can to keep it this way. While many are eagerly awaiting an iPad 2 jailbreak utility to pop-up for legitimate reasons, as customization, tethering (although tethering is available right now via WiFi or Bluetooth – I am using  MyWi / iPhone 4 to connect my iPad 2 while writing this), or many quite good applications only available on Cydia including native Flash support via the popular Frash app, there is also a large group that will jailbreak their iPad 2 just to install pirated content, obviously cutting into Apple profits.

Why iPad 2 is so hard to crack while every other iOS device gets jailbroken promptly for each iteration? The culprit seems to be what differentiates iPad 2 from any other iOS device to date – the A5 processor and its newly embedded bootrom which only seems to be active during the boot process and then turns off until the next reboot, making it harder to access / modify. The bootrom was dumped though (meaning downloaded out of the device), which is an important first step in the jailbreaking process but the whole process will obviously take some time prompting a bunch of hopeful and more or less informed posts around the web (including this one 😉 ) to keep up the hype.

Different from a bootrom jailbreak which would be permanent and applied for every device sharing the same hardware design, a so called “userland” jailbreak is easier to perform (if you find the vulnerability) but also easier to patch since it will be limited to less important, user layer (applications, user interface, various stacks) versus kernel or bootrom layer for the other jailbreaking methods.

Are you waiting for the release of a jailbreak tool for iPad 2? Why? Share with us your thoughts / comments.

  • Kent

    Need iPad 2 jailbreak only for openVPN support. Would be nice if Apple would add openVPN support.