Google TV take 2 will get Android 3.1 and Market

This is the moment everybody was waiting for (or at least the media center aficionados). After a less than perfect start for their media streamer box, Google went back to the design board and made some improvements. Among them, the boxes will receive the latest and greatest Android OS version 3.1, some newer hardware, apparently cheaper and faster and, best of all, a market. Expect the applications to pop-up like crazy finally transforming your stupid old TV set into a web portal with games, apps, news and of course, music, photos and movies. Take that Apple TV 2.

Criticized by the lack of content, Google also announced today a service for storing / streaming music from the cloud and the availability of rental shows via YouTube and Android Market so when the Google TV 2 arrives, at least will have more content than the initial release.

The new features will also be available on the existing hardware, so if you bought a Sony Google TV (check our Sony Google TV Review here) or a Logitech Revue, you’ll get the update as well. Honeycomb SDK will be available for free if you feel like developing stuff for the box and there is also a small crowd of hardware manufacturers ready to sneak a box in your living room, including Samsung, Vizio and the previous culprits, Logitech and Sony. We don’t know how the boxes will look like but expect some detailed hands on reviews as soon as we’ll have one in our hands. More details to come tomorrow!

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