Archive | May 9, 2011

WatchESPN available in Android Market – works on Nook Color with CyanogenMod 7.0

If you like to watch sports, Android has now a new application for you – WatchESPN which is available in the official Android Market for free starting today. I tested it and works well on my CyanogenMod 7.03 Nook Color. The application has several limitations however: You can only access the ESPN channels if you are currently a subscriber via your cable company (and only some qualify, like Time Warner Cable, Bright Hose Networks and Verizon FIOS), you can access ESPN3 if you have Verizon FIOS and just about everyone else is out of luck.

I installed it on my Nook Color from the Android Market and immediately it also prompted me to install Adobe AIR. Done that and everything proceeded without a hitch. You’ll need to sign in with your ESPN account and link it to the other cable / internet provider accounts but you can also opt to watch ESPN for 4 Read More…

Samsung announces a dream TV – 75-inch 3D LED TV D9500, girl unfortunately not included

Unfortunately for Korea only, at least at this point, but Samsung just released a¬†humongous 75″ TV set loaded with all the goodies the year of grace 2011 can offer including 240Hz LED screen, the Samsung’s own SmartHub offering access to applications like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Facebook, Twitter, games, apps, and, very important, a web browser. A QWERTY remote control completes the package. The output resolution is limited at the standard 1080p but since your equipment probably won’t top that anyway, it should be enough for now.

The set will set you back about $17,600 so we’ll wait a couple of years until we get ours, but for those that money
is no concern, or just plain curious, we have some technical info after the break…and of course, a nice photo gallery. Read More…

PSN outage to last until May 31st?

If you hoped you’ll be able to start using Sony’s gaming network, PSN soon, you might have to wait until the end of this month, specifically May 31st. According with an article posted by Bloomberg, the current outage will be completely fixed by May 31st. Bloomberg ¬†journalists talked on the phone with Sony’s spokesman Shigenori Yoshida who provided the date.

If true, that would put the PSN outage at roughly one month and a half, probably the largest outage of any kind in the modern world. For the reference, the outage started on April 20th and left over 75 million users (paid or not) with their personal information exposed, no online gaming access and also no Qriocity / Hulu Plus access for those that Read More…