AcousticSoundDesign customer service review

Let’s be honest, we tend to write reviews about a certain company mostly when we had a bad experience that left us annoyed enough to go the extra mile and share the feedback. There are some companies though that go above and beyond what is necessary for an excellent customer service and based on a recent experience, I felt compelled to allocate some space here to share this particular experience. Yes, I was that impressed.

Let’s start at the beginning: A couple of weeks ago, I bought myself from Amazon a new speakers set, the Jamo S 606 HCS 3 Studio Series Home Theater Speaker System – S606HCS3 , a 130+ pounds behemoth for $400, no taxes and free shipping. The price is excellent, the sound is gorgeous, but more about that in another article. The products didn’t come from Amazon’s own stock but was shipped by a 3rd party Amazon Seller, AcousticSoundDesign (order number 002-9473671-4355409) that also has its own online presence.

While shipping and handling were very fast, I had the unpleasant surprise that UPS handled the whole shipping process in their characteristic style, badly.

As a result, the box was full of bumps and holes (I took some photos after receiving it). I hoped that the content survived in good shape but I was wrong. The left front speaker had two big bumps, one on top, one at the base, in the front. Now, you should know that the Jamo speakers are gorgeous, elegant, European style with a nice glossy piano finish. Well, I paid full price, I wanted immaculate looking speakers. I documented the damage with several photos from various angles and contacted the seller, AcousticSoundDesign describing the situation and asking for the next steps. I also looked online to see how similar situations wee handled.

Once you start Google-ing for speakers damaged by UPS during shipping, you’ll find plenty, so it is obvious a fairly common experience (be warned!!!). The standard process seems to be:

1. Contact the seller

2. The seller contacts UPS and starts a claim (if the package was insured, of course)

3. The UPS will come, pick-up the speakers and move them to a certain location so the damage can be evaluated by their experts and then they will contact their own insurance company

4. Once the seller gets the money, he will eventually reimburse you or send you a new …whatever you bought

Now, in an ideal world, the process works, but the the whole affair will leave you with a sour taste in your mouth, at the seller (for any delays), at the UPS (the obvious culprit) and at the whole general system. And, to make the matter worse, if there were several speakers in the package, for a full set and only one of them is damaged, UPS will only reimburse you for that. That you’ll need a full matched system is not their concern. (Btw, word of advice for step 3: Do not let them take the product. Insist instead to make the evaluation at your house. Otherwise, you’ll be in the unenviable situation to be without the money – the seller has them and without the speakers – UPS has them).

OK, after this little detour about UPS claim practices, let’s go back to my experience. After contacting the seller and asking for their policy in how to handle damaged items and offering to submit the photo proofs to start a claim, I got a reply stating that they’ll send a replacement! Just like that! I got surprised because I had some painful experiences in the past with other companies and I had to go to the Better Business Bureau to handle the issues, for much lower amounts. I decided to wait and see.

The following week I got a huge package in the mail, also by UPS. I wasn’t home at the time, my wife signed for it. She told me on the phone the box looks different but I didn’t think about it at the moment. When I got home, I was surprised that instead of the expected speakers I received a sub-woofer, model Premier Acoustic PA-150 1000 Watt Powered Subwoofer. It was obvious that somebody at the seller’s warehouse made a blunder and shipped the wrong item. I contacted them again to let them know and several hours later got the following reply (copied from the e-mail):

We sent wrong item-realized and sent Jamo-you should get it tomorrow
Keep the sub on us

Best Regards

Mike Embers

I got indeed the Jamo speaker replacement, not the following day but several days after. The way AcousticSoundDesign dealt with the whole issue from the beginning to the end left me awed. What seemed like a nightmare that could take weeks to sort via UPS claiming system and waste my time turned out to be the best customer service experience in my life. I decided to write an article to help AcousticSoundDesign gain more exposure, it is certainly certainly deserved it by going above and beyond to make the customer happy.

Thank you!

Update: I found a coupon if you ever decide to order something from AcousticSoundDesign – it works on their website. me20 will give you 20 percent discount.