Archive | April 5, 2011

Silverlight 5 app store to arrive on XBOX 360? A marriage made in heaven!

If various rumors around the web are to be believed, Microsoft is ready to announce the Silverlight 5 availability on XBOX 360 no later than Microsoft’s MIX 11 developer event scheduled for the next week. How would this be significant? Well, first of all the myriad of Windows Silverlight developers could start porting their applications on XBOX 360. Maybe even an app store? If true, it could change the console market as we know it…Just imagine thousands of new games and applications ported on XBOX 360 and available for 99c each, it could worth buying an XBOX 360 just to have access to cheap apps, games, news, etc.

While XBOX 360 already has its XNA platform, it is oriented toward higher performance games and it requires a premium membership. An XBOX market containing Silverlight apps a la Windows Phone 7 could coexist with it, although we have our feelings Microsoft would try to screw it up as always requiring a GOLD Live membership just to access it.

via WinRumors