Archive | March 17, 2011

How to restart Windows 7 via Remote Desktop Admin

I would like to share a simple trick that might be useful and save you some headaches. I am working very often on a number of computers accessing them via remote desktop administration. While most of the machines were servers, I recently accesses a Windows 7 machine (SP1 installed) and, while in remote mode I wanted to restart it. Unlike Server 2008, Windows 7 machine did not have the restart option in the menu, only Log-off. What to do?

The answer lies in a poorly documented shortcut – CTRL-ALT-End. If, while in a remote desktop connection you press CTRL-ALT-End, you’ll get a similar desktop as you get via a CTRL-ALT-DEL on a physical machine. From here, you click onto the arrow button Read More…

WD My Book Studio Edition II 6TB launched

The fatty one in the picture is the latest release storage wise from Western Digital, at least in the consumer devices. The second iteration for My Book Studio, Edition 2 brings 6TB of storage to the platter (by using around 8 platters actually) . The big boy includes dual 3TB hard-drives (the green kind) and a plethora of connectivity options including Fireware 400/800, eSATA and USB 2.0 (why not 3.0?) All this can be yours at a whooping $549 MSRP, a tad expensive in my opinion but obviously WD wants to capitalize on the fact that they are the first in industry to get  such a large capacity via USB (at least the first among the big companies). There are a number of NAS alternatives for cheap(er) that you might consider instead, and also offer RAID capabilities, a must have in my opinion when dealing with such insane quantities of data.

An interesting feature of the new WD My Book Studio Edition II is that they are user serviceable permitting easy access and replacement if any of the hard drives inside is failing. The warranty is also a significant 5 years.
If you don’t want to waste that much money, the Western Digital My Book Studio II 4TB version is only around $275 at Amazon. Much better price / capacity and for the money you can get two of them…