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Apple TV gets NBA And MLB Live Streaming

Until now, in my opinion, due to its limited capabilities in terms of media streaming, at least compared with other boxes like Boxee Box and WD TV Live Plus, Apple TV was interesting only because of its manufacturer. I was actually amazed it supports Netflix, considering Apple’s reluctance to support anything else other than iTunes.

Well, it seems like Apple is pumping some extra content providers in it and with its latest update, the little box got some love for NBA League Pass and MLB.TV along with AirPlay compatibility for the latest iOS 4.3 update and Netflix Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, a capability currently only implemented by Netflix.

The new content isn’t free and is in line with the provider’s current prices (we don’t know if they need to pay Apple 30% of the dough though). NBA Leagues Pass has one unlimited streaming option for $100 and another $65 option that includes your 7 favorite teams. MLB.TV has one $120 pass offering multi-zone broadcasts, multiple camera angles and DVR while the cheaper $100 subscription offers just standard streaming.

Beside the new content, Apple TV’s new update also gets various fixes, better on-screen keyboard, new slide-show modes and a bunch of security fixes.

Internet Explorer 9 final to launch March 14

Described as “A more beautiful WEB”, at exactly one year after the platform preview, Microsoft will make Internet Explorer 9 available for download. This is an important event and IE9 is a radical departure from previous Microsoft browsers, and, in my opinion a true competitor to Firefox / Chrome.

IE9 brings a bunch of new features including hardware acceleration using Media Foundation, an improved JavaScript engine, high fidelity printing via an XPS engine, support for HTML 5 video and audio tags and for the Web Open Font Format.

The IE9 Platform Preview scores an impressive 95% at the Acid 3 test and also supports CSS3, SVG and XHTML

Check after the break for the full video announcement via Microsoft Channel 9.

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iOS 4.3 now live for all iDevices – iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Folks, iOS 4.3 is now live, a full two days earlier than expected. (It was promised on March 11th, same day with the launch of iPad 2 but for some reason is early). Not that we complain.
The features are not much of a surprise, being announced everywhere since the beta came out. The goodies include WiFi personal Hotspot (limited to 3 devices at this point but this can be tweaked), the 3rd party apps get some AirPlay love which is good and various UI improvements / fixes all around.
The update is like always free so feel free to go connect your iDevice to iTunes and get the update…or not, if you jailbroken your toy, you should know that the PwnageTool iOS 4.3 GM Jailbreak For iPhone 4 was released and we’ll have a tutorial ASAP.

How to add / edit missing QAM channels in Windows Media Center

This is the part two in our series of tutorials in how to use Windows Media Center as a DVR for your high definition clear QAM channels. Unfortunately the operation is most cases is not as plug and play as we would like and I lost a day in the process of figuring a way to make everything work. The first part of the tutorial described how to deal with the “No channels were found error” that Media enter displays after a full scan for clear QAM channels. This part will describe how to add missing channels and set the proper Guide source so the right guide information and schedules are displayed.

In my case, although I knew KTTV-DT (the high definition Fox 11 affiliate in my area) had to be among the found channels, for some reason it wasn’t in the list. In this case ,you’ll have to add them manually by entering the modulation/frequency ID of the channel. An excellent resource for this is the SiliconDust website. Add your zip code, don’t forget to select the cable provider in the top left list box (Antenna channels list is selected by default) and you’ll see the actual channel number together with its virtual number. In my case, LA area, KTTVDT is 88.548. Read More…

How to fix “No Channels were found” error in Windows Media Center

I recently reviewed a couple of QAM TV Tuners (SiliconDust HDHR3 Dual ATSC/QAM Network Tuner) and MyGica A680B I recently bought as part of my effort to get rid of expensive cable subscription, DVR fees, etc. I use a server running Windows 7 and Windows Media Center as a DVR and a bunch of XBOX 360 game consoles as extenders. While the tuners performed well, I had big problems setting up and finding clear QAM channels in Windows Media Center and I wasted a day trying to figure out why it doesn’t work. The result is described in this tutorial.

If you are trying to watch clear QAM channels using your newly purchased tuner, maybe you were surprised to find out that after a full scan Windows Media Center displayed a the message: “No channels were found” prompting you to check if your TV equipment is properly connected to the computer. Yes, it was! What next? Read More…