PlayOn Android client released, supports Netflix and more

Announced some time last year, the PlayOn app for Android devices finally sees the light of day. Why is important? Because as of now, it is the only way to bring Netflix streaming to Android, without being required to get one of the new devices based on the upcoming processors, supporting DRM in hardware.

In order to use the Android PlayOn client (which by itself is free), you’ll have to get PlayOn Premium subscription which as of now is $79.99 for life, $19.99 if you prefer to pay yearly and $54.99 if you already have the PlayOn basic version. Is it worth it? Really depends how important is for you to play Hulu (not Plus), Netflix, TBS, CBS, Amazon VOD, SyFy, etc on your Android Phone. PlayOn also supports video streaming to PS3 and XBOX 360 as well as iOS hardware.

PlayOn for Android requires Android 2.2 and higher so if you want to use it with your Nook Color, you’ll have to upgrade. I’ll play a little bit with it and write some instructions soon. Meantime, here is the link to download it.

Check out the video after the break.