How to root your Nook Color 1.1 using Auto-Nooter 3.0.0

The smart hackers from XDA Developers did it again and a new Auto-Nooter destined to bring the full glory to your Nook Color version 1.1 was released. As with the older versions, Auto-Nooter 3.0.0 does more than just root your Nook Colors, it automatically install necessary applications and performs the required hacks for a functional Android Market, GMail, Calendar, Calculator, Softkeys, Live Wallpapers and many other goodies.

For the full instructions, head over to the XDA original thread and follow the steps. It is easy and you’ll end up with a Nook Color that might look like this.

Here is the full list of the enhancements / applications Auto-Nooter 3.0.0 bring to the table:

1. Installs su and Superuser.apk
2. Installs Busybox with whoami
3. Installs Softkeys 3.0.6
4. Installs NookColor Tools (To Enable Non-Market Installs, and re-enable ADB)
5. Installs Calendar and Calculator.
6. Installs Android Market, Gmail, Youtube end enables them.
7. Installs Gingerbread Keyboard
8. Enable ADB
9. Enable Multi-touch for Android Apps
10. Enables Live Wallpapers

The root is very stable with the main reported problem being that the ADB access doesn’t stick after a reboot / cable removal so it would need to be re-enabled. However, once you successfully root it and enable Market  / side loading of apps, you won’t really need ADB access to often.

You can download the new Auto-Nooter 3.0.0 from Mediafire.

via XDA Developers

  • LM

    Now that these steps are followed is there anyway to get the micro SD card back to its full capacity so it can be used again?

  • Denest

    yep (from nookdevs)

    1. Power down your Nook Color by holding the Power button for 3+ seconds and Power Off when prompted
    2. When it’s off, remove the MicroSD Card
    3. Power the Nook Color back on
    4. When it’s booted, re-insert the MicroSD card
    5. Go to Settings, Device Information, SD Card
    6. Unmount the SD Card if it’s mounted
    7. Format SD card

  • Great Job Nookdevs! One step missing from the reroot of nook color 1.1 is when to remove the sd card. Could you indicate when it would be appropriate to remove?