Amazon Kindle software update 3.1 adds real page numbers, public notes, magazine layout

Many users complained about the weird Kindle page numbering system using locations instead of real page numbers. While we know Amazon had a good reason for this, considering that most of the books will re-flow on Kindle, the truth is that we are used to have real pages and the current numbering system is a nuisance.

Now, however, thanks to the new kindle firmware version 3.1, Amazon brings real page numbers to the Kindle 3 owners and aso some other new improvements as the addition of public notes – you can make your notes and highlights public so others can see it (a good idea for the class I assume), before you go – capability to rate a book right before you’ll finish reading it, and a new and improved layout for newspapers and magazines.

The Kindle firmware update 3.1 is available now part of an advanced preview  (you can download it manually here) or just wait until it will be pushed globally in the next several days.

The real page numbers will correspond directly to the printed edition, so expect several pages to get the same number on Kindle devices. The new feature will also be deployed in various Kindle applications available on PC, Android, iPhone / iPad, etc.

Kindle 3 is the most advanced dedicated eBook Reader on the market and you can read our full hands-on review here (Kindle 3 Review).

via Amazon

  • Richard Dean

    The update is easy enough to install, but you seem to have to re-download Amazon purchase to get the page-numbering to show

  • jim dykes

    Doesn’t work No instructions. A fraud. I wish I could send the Kindle back. No page numbers. No way to update. No version change option on menu. Piece of crap.

  • Tucan


    what are you talking about?

  • ovirto

    Just donate your kindle to charity, Jim. It’s obviously too technically advanced for you.

  • Ray

    Jim, go back to reading cave paintings. The software update works fine.

  • Olivia

    Hey guys, I’m experiencing the same thing as Jim. I just tried updating it using the USB cable, which did nothing. The settings menu doesn’t have an update option at all – it’s not even grayed out or anything. It just doesn’t exist.

    I then tried to update it by turning the wi-fi on and doing a “Sync & Check for Items” and it says “Nothing to download” at the top. My software version is still stuck on 3.0.1.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated…


    mmhhh weird enough i already have the version 3.1 on my kindle and I used the menu button for the pages to show, and nothing…. :S