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Greenpois0n RC6 brings untethered jailbreak to Apple TV

Greenpoison just got updated to RC6 and with the new version comes untethered Apple TV jailbreak. Nothing much more to add, head over Greenpois0n’s website, download the took and jailbreak away.

Once you finish, you’ll have a much better (and open) box that also supports the latest version of XBMC media player / streamer (the one that also is behind the current Boxee Box as well). The tool is currently available for MAC and Windows machines. For advices, How-to’s and step by step tutorials in how to perform the process, check our iOS jailbreaking section.

Beside jailbreaking, Greenpoison will also install nitoTV, a front end app for the mplayer media player.

Once you complete the jailbreaking process, don’t forget to navigate to greenpois0n menu and select “Inject Software” option to install Cydia package. firmware update brings Netflix to Boxee Box

Folks, it had to happen at some point and we are pleased to announce that the embattled Boxee Box finally got Netflix streaming capability, by far one of the most desired features for any media streaming box on the market.

The support did not come without hiccups. Promised at launch, postponed and promised by the end of 2010, then again by the end of January 2011, then indefinitely on hold, it finally found its way in time for Valentine day, so don’t forget to get your significant other tonight, gather  around Boxe Box (if you have one) and watch some romantic comedy on Netflix!

Netflix comes via a software upgrade, version Boxee Box will automatically update itself through the next 24 hours, or you can force the update (I know you will) by manually checking for updates in Settings->System->Update.

Now, with the addition of Netflix, Boxee Box finally starts to live by its name offering excellent local / network media support and also support from the largest movie streaming company in the world. With VUDU also available, we are only waiting for HULU plus to make everything perfect. Check our in-depth Boxee Box review or find it on Amazon.

Among other fixes, today’s software update also brings:

* Support Dolby Digital TrueHD bit streaming.
* Support for high resolution SRT subtitles.
* Updated drivers for external IR remotes. Now supporting “Windows Vista class” remotes.

via Boxee Blog