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Windows Phone Developer Tools January 2011 Update Available Now, brings copy / paste

Microsoft just announced the availability of  Windows Phone Developer Tools January 2011 Update (even if it is actually February). The new update brings a new version of he Windows Phone OS emulator image and several minor bug fixes in addition to those previously released as part of the October 2010 Update. In terms of development tools, the January Update brings updated Silverlight controls and  copy and paste functionality.

The new copy and paste functionality is limited for now at TextBox controls and everything derived from TextBox class, bringing copy / paste support for many applications already launched. However, if using Panorama / Pivot classes, a recompile / rebuild is recommended by Microsoft to “enhance user experience”. You’ll then have to re-submit the applications, but the good news is that, in my experience the process of publishing an update is very fast on Windows Phone 7.

You can download the new updates from Microsoft Download Center page.

Amazon Kindle software update 3.1 adds real page numbers, public notes, magazine layout

Many users complained about the weird Kindle page numbering system using locations instead of real page numbers. While we know Amazon had a good reason for this, considering that most of the books will re-flow on Kindle, the truth is that we are used to have real pages and the current numbering system is a nuisance.

Now, however, thanks to the new kindle firmware version 3.1, Amazon brings real page numbers to the Kindle 3 owners and aso some other new improvements as the addition of public notes – you can make your notes and highlights public so others can see it (a good idea for the class I assume), before you go – capability to rate a book right before you’ll finish reading it, and a new and improved layout for newspapers and magazines.

The Kindle firmware update 3.1 is available now part of an advanced preview  (you can download it manually here) or just wait until it will be pushed globally in the next several days.

The real page numbers will correspond directly to the printed edition, so expect several pages to get the same number on Kindle devices. The new feature will also be deployed in various Kindle applications available on PC, Android, iPhone / iPad, etc.

Kindle 3 is the most advanced dedicated eBook Reader on the market and you can read our full hands-on review here (Kindle 3 Review).

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Greenp0ison brings jailbreak to iOS 4.2.6 Verizon iPhone 4 devices

The time you need to wait until a new device is hacked is getting shorter and shorter these days and it looks like the hackers started to streamline the process, to use an expression dear to the management. Now, thanks to Chronic Dev team hackers and their latest greenpoison version RC 5.4, the owners of both Windows and Mac computers can perform a quick magic and jailbreak their newly acquired iPhone 4 from Verizon which currently ship with iOS version 4.2.6 installed. The rooting / jailbreaking process is very simple and identical with the one we just published for AT&T devices and will install Cydia on your iPhone open it to tethering and other useful applications that mighty Apple will never allow in their store, including the recently ported XBMC.

You can download the greenpoison Windows version here and Mac version here. For a step by step tutorial, check our how to jailbreak iPhone for AT&T, the process is exactly the same (get the iPhone in DFU mode and let greenp0ison app take it from there)

There are some reports regarding difficulties in downloading Cydia but this is always to be expected right after an announcement or new release when servers are getting hammered. Just wait for several hours and things will get back to normal.

How to root your Nook Color 1.1 using Auto-Nooter 3.0.0

The smart hackers from XDA Developers did it again and a new Auto-Nooter destined to bring the full glory to your Nook Color version 1.1 was released. As with the older versions, Auto-Nooter 3.0.0 does more than just root your Nook Colors, it automatically install necessary applications and performs the required hacks for a functional Android Market, GMail, Calendar, Calculator, Softkeys, Live Wallpapers and many other goodies.

For the full instructions, head over to the XDA original thread and follow the steps. It is easy and you’ll end up with a Nook Color that might look like this.

Here is the full list of the enhancements / applications Auto-Nooter 3.0.0 bring to the table:

1. Installs su and Superuser.apk
2. Installs Busybox with whoami
3. Installs Softkeys 3.0.6
4. Installs NookColor Tools (To Enable Non-Market Installs, and re-enable ADB)
5. Installs Calendar and Calculator.
6. Installs Android Market, Gmail, Youtube end enables them.
7. Installs Gingerbread Keyboard
8. Enable ADB
9. Enable Multi-touch for Android Apps
10. Enables Live Wallpapers

The root is very stable with the main reported problem being that the ADB access doesn’t stick after a reboot / cable removal so it would need to be re-enabled. However, once you successfully root it and enable Market  / side loading of apps, you won’t really need ADB access to often.

You can download the new Auto-Nooter 3.0.0 from Mediafire.

via XDA Developers not free anymore, unless you listen through Microsoft

Starting next week, more precisely on February 15th, will stop being free and start charging  a monthly fee of $3. Based on their blog post, the decision is based on business reasons and we can easily guess that advertisements did not cover all their expenses, and profit proved to be somewhat elusive.

If you are a current subscriber, you might expect an e-mail from them explaining their move and reasons. You’ll also get a free 3 month subscription to service.

Interestingly enough, XBOX 360 and Windows Phone 7, both Microsoft products will continue to offer for free, the cost being subsidized by Microsoft. Now, the cost of XBOX Live Gold starts to justify itself more and more.

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Motorola XOOM starts selling on Feb 24th, has a disappointing high price of $799

According to a best Buy flyer scan leaked on the web, Motorola’s upcoming “iPad killer” (yeah, we know…) will start selling on February 24th for the quite high in our opinion price of $799 (AND a mandatory data plan). While the hardware specs makes us drool with 1280×800 resolution screen, Nvidia’s dual-core processor, 1080p video play capability, 720p recording capability and  1 GB of memory (4x iPad own memory) we need to consider that Apple will shortly unveil its own iPad killer (iPad 2, of course) with better specs as well.

And Apple name, of course and we have to admit that for some reason Apple name sells even if the hardware is often not the best (Apple TV is something that comes to mind immediately).

At $799, XOOM doesn’t offer any cheaper model like a WiFi only for example and if i won’t be heavily subsidized by the cell phone companies, it won’t sell as well as Motorola certainly hopes.

After all, there is a certain reason while Nook Color is such a popular tablet. Root it and enjoy a full featured Android tablet for only $250, currently even with Android Honeycomb 3.0.

XOOM will be available with Verizon data plans, priced between $20 for 1GB worth of monthly data to $80 for a 10GB allowance. Expensive, expensive, expensive!

If you look closely to the photo, you’ll notice the note: To activate WiFi functionality on this device, a minimum of 1 month data subscription is required. WTF????