Google Analytics App for Windows Phone 7 version 1.1 available

The Review Horizon Analytics application for Windows Phone 7 version 1.1 just got approved to the marketplace.

Among other things, version 1.1 fixes a nasty bug that made the application useless for everybody that uses a non address to log in to Google Analytics, for which I do apologize.

Review Horizon Analytics has both a paid ($1.99)  and a free (ad supported, called Analytics Free) version and retrieve and displays the most common web traffic reports from Google Analytics including Hourly Visits, Visitor Summary, Bounce Rate, New Visits, Average time on site, Average page views, Traffic Sources, Top Countries , Top Cities, Top Keywords, Top Landing Pages, Top OS with the top 20 in each category.

You can select reports for Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days or any arbitrary range you may choose. You can also set the application to remember your username / password and enable auto-login for quick checks.

The application was already approved and can be found in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace under the Business section for a price of $2 or via this link (only works in Internet Explorer). By my knowledge it is the first application with such functionality in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

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