Archive | December 27, 2010

Kindle 3 best selling worldwide product in Amazon’s history

Amazon just announced that their Kindle 3 eReader is the best selling product of all time on Amazon worldwide. And it all happened in about 5 month worth of sales. The Kindle 3 is selling better than Harry Potter book 7 currently, although we still don’t have exact numbers for exactly how many Kindle 3 were actually sold.
The total volume should give an idea though. During Amazon’s peak day of November 29th, Amazon’s customers ordered over 13.7 million products worldwide making it around 158 items per second in average.
The reason stated for Kindle 3 wild success seems to be the aggressive low price that enticed many customers. Currently, Kindle 3 sells at Amazon in two variants: Kindle 3 WiFi only version sells for $139 while Kindle 3 WiFi + 3G version sells for $189 and offers unlimited 3G Internet surfing worldwide.
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