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Amazon easily fends off WikiLeaks supporters attacks thanks to its cloud architecture

Today, after successfully taking down MasterCard and VISA main websites (without disrupting their payment services which are going through different channels), WikiLeaks supporters backed by the hacker group Anonymous,  tried their luck in taking down Amazon’s website, through the same DDOS – Distributed Denial of Service Attack method. That didn’t work, as communicated by Anonymous themselves in a Twitter post. “Okay, here’s the real deal—We can not attack Amazon, currently”…”The previous schedule was to do so, but we don’t have enough forces”.

You might wonder yourself why exactly it didn’t work? Well, the main reason is that Amazon has a way more robust server infrastructure than 99.99% of the companies outside, beside maybe Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. The Amazon infrastructure relies on their Elastic Compute Cloud – EC2, a cloud of servers used for load and traffic balancing, from which they are actually selling to other companies as well. Based on the momentary demand, the server access requests can be dynamically distributed on as many servers as needed to handle the load and Amazon has more than enough capacity to handle the load…Just think at the Black Friday ;).

This was probably a good occasion for Amazon to really test their infrastructure and EC2 obviously passed all the tests. What is really funny is that, I have a feeling that at the same time with WikiLeaks supporters attack there were millions of curious people contributing by browsing Amazon’s website just  to see if it is slower…It wasn’t!

If anything, Amazon will actually profit from today’s attack and sell some more cloud services, not that they are “proved”.

Costco stops selling Apple products

Today the news that Costco stopped selling Apple products comes maybe only as a half of a surprise. The truth is, Costco is a discount chain and when you shop there you would expect to have at least some kind of a discount. Reportedly, the big greedy Apple (joke, don’t start a flame war) doesn’t allow Costco to cut even a dollar from Apple’s products, nor to sell them online. As a result, Costco got pissed off and stop selling them completely (by mutual agreement apparently). No Apple laptops, no iPads, not even iPhones or gift cards!!! So that’s why Amazon was never big at selling them directly!!!

Anyway, if you want to buy Apple’s products via a warehouse store, Sam’s Club is your best bet at this point. Too bad no Sam’s Clubs are near where I live.

By the way, in the picture there is the delicious Costco Apple Pie that Costco still sells 🙂

via The Seattle Times

Windows Phone Marketplace payouts in January 2011, reports available

While we all heard some rumors about how reports and developer payouts will only come in February 2011 and the lack of reports or ways to quantify how well their applications were selling dismayed some of the developers, Microsoft shared some good news today.

The first good news is that Windows Phone Marketplace developer payouts are coming and the first payout will be made in the last week of January 2011. The payment will cover the October – December 2010 period. The payout will only be made if the earning is above the threshold of $200.

The second good news is that the developer reporting tools are finally available right now, much to my surprise. You can get the graphical report charting the daily and cumulative downloads for each application / games you published and also the payout report as well. You can filter these reports by date, country, etc.

If you are a Webmaster, there are two Analytics applications available in the Windows Phone Marketplace: one paid and one free. They will help you keep track of visitors, keywords, etc. Just search after Analytics in the marketplace.

DivX TV available to LG Blu-ray players and home theaters with media streaming capabilities

With the flurry of news related to Boxee Box, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc, everybody forgot that DivX is still in town and the company was working to get its software on as many connected media streaming devices as possible. We also know that LG was a pioneer in connected media streamers with their famous LG BD390 that played quite well MKVs over the network and various other video formats as well. Now, LG new generation of Blu-ray players and home theater systems get access to DivX TV web portal (US only as expected) and containing over 10,000 content pieces to start.

The devices that will get the new software update are BD550, BD570, BD590 Blu-ray players and their more expensive brothers LHB335, LHB535, LHB975 home theaters.

Beside DivX TV, the LG line of Blu-ray players and home theater systems also feature clients for CinemaNow, Netflix, YouTube, VUDU, Pandora, Picasa and many others plus a large numver of audio/video codecs supported up the 1080p (MKV, DIVX, h264, etc).

The content includes New York Financial, Baeblemusic, Howcast, Video Detective, UltraSlo, etc. Never heard of any, but more content is better doesn’t matter what. And maybe that’s a good way for less known companies to get some attention, considering how crappy and dumbed down the modern TV programming has become.

A funny thing is that at the time the article was written, the DivX TV website is down so there is not much to enjoy…

Check after the break for the full press release.

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MacTop iPad 2 case leak or just another fake?

As it was last year with various iPhone 4 pieces, cases and blurry photos, the 2011 season of iPad 2 leaks starts early with a company from China, Shenzhen MacTop Electronics that claims to own a number of  iPad 2 cases for sale, model number MT-2011-1, in bulk ordering. Now, we obviously don’t see why, even if the cases would be genuine iPad 2 cases,  you would buy one (or a thousand) now, since no iPad 2 devices are around, but we figure out this is a method as good as any to make  a quick buck from people’s gullibility.

Something that will heat up the debates is the presence of a camera hole on the top left side, a feature that we obviously expected iPad 1 had and everybody hopes the second one will SURELY have.

Once thing is certain though: If Apple calls the police, its genuine!

If the case is not fake, it might be that some poor soul from the Shenzen factory will commit suicide in the traditional Chinese working for Apple fashion. After all, Shenzen hosts hundreds of thousands Foxconn workers, a big chunk of them arguably working on Apple hardware.

If the case is fake, you might still open an eBay business selling “iPad 2” cases. The price is under $4 per case, 1,000 pieces minimum order ;), dropping to $2 depending on quantity. Available in white and pink…