Barnes & Noble: big firmware update 1.5 coming in November on Nook

Barnes & Noble just announced a big firmware update for their Nook eReaders, due sometime by the end of November. Among other fixes, firmware version 1.5 will dramatically improve page turning speed, improve search (and we just hope it will allow search in any documents beside just the books you purchased which is the way it works now). Custom library organization is also announced and, although no details were offered, I am sure everybody reading this is dreaming at folder support.

Mimicking Nook, the new update will bring last page read synchronization across various Nook clients so you can start reading on your PC and continue on your iPhone for example, which is a welcome addition.

If you have juicy books in your Nook library, you will be able to password protect them to keep everything far from the praying eyes.

For those of you who rooted Nook and actually use the extra features coming with the custom firmware (the one I really use is searching in My Documents) it is advisable to turn automatic update off and wait until the new version is cracked. History proved it won’t take too long, and we’ll be happy to announce it once it happens.

If you want to find out more about Nook, you can read our extensive Nook hands-on review.

Nook for Android won’t be left outside the upgrading process either, with Nook for Android 2.3 coming next week. The new features include the ability to go to a certain page number, view notes and highlights and improved search.

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