iOS 4.1 jailbreak is near and this time might be permanent

Less than a day after Apple released iOS 4.1, a new exploit was also announced and it was obviously timed to coincide with Apple’s event. The good news this time is that the security hole exploited won’t be as easy to patch as the previous PDF exploit that we reported.

Initially announced by iPhone Dev-team member pod2g on Twitter, the exploit seems to be confirmed by other member of the hackers community and is related to a low level section of the OS located in the boot ROM. If this is real, Apple is in big trouble since that particular section cannot be updated with a firmware patch and it might be there forever, at least for the already sold iPhones. To fix it, Apple will need a new hardware revision and that might take a while…All current generation Apple i* devices shipped after November seem to contain the vulnerability including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad models.

The exploit code is not yet out in the open and until in surfaces, we would recommend to stay clear of iOS 4.1 if you want to have your iPhone jailbroken. If you just have to have the new iOS 4.1 features, go ahead and rest assured that we’ll publish the exploit as soon as it becomes available. And don’t forget that now, in US, jailbreaking your iPhone is completely legal.

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