10 percent of Americans are using eReaders, 10 percent more in the next 6 month

A Harris Interactive poll published recently discloses that about 10 percent of the current Americans are using eReaders and another 10percent  plan to get one in the next 6 months. If this is correct, in the next 6 months the entire book reading population will be covered (exaggerating, but just a little). The statistical sample was 2,775 adults and the poll took place between 9th and 16th of August. The poll did not disclose which particular brands (iPad, Nook, Kindle, etc) are used and in what percentages.

Other worth mentioning numbers: Book readers on the East Coast are twice more willing to buy eBooks / eReaders than the ones on the West Coast with the readers from Midwest and South tied for the last place.

Another rumor was also confirmed: Owning an eReader will make you read more – 17 percent bought between 11-20 eBooks, 20 percent bought over 21 eBooks. From the crowd not owning an eReader, the numbers are 11 percent respectively 12 percent.

Here, at Review Horizon we are avid users of eReaders as well, and I feel our numbers are way outside the statistics (I am commuting for a long time for example and buy a new eBook every week). Each of my family members owns a different eReader brand (see our Nook, Kindle 3 and Pandigital Novel 7 reviews).

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