Top Kindle 3 Keyboard shortcuts (available as .mobi file)

This is the mandatory Top Kindle 3 shortcuts list that everybody needs to know. What makes this list unique is that it is also available as a .mobi file and fully compatible with your Kindle. It also has the proper title set to appear in top of your Kindle eBook list so you’ll never have to search the Internet for Kindle shortcuts again. Download it now, unzip it and store it on your Kindle, in the Documents folder. I haven’t tested it will every available typeface / font size combination and I would be thankful if you would let me know how well it works for you.You can also read our Kindle 3 Review comparing it against Barnes and Noble’s Nook.

Function Keyboard Shortcut
Screen-shot ALT+Shift+G
Start or stop text-to-speech Shift+SYM
Pause text-to-speech Spacebar
Refresh Display ALT+G
Play / Stop MP# player ALT+Spacebar
Skip to the next audio track ALT+F
Display the Time / Memory Menu
Play Minesweeper ALT+Shift+M
Add or remove a bookmark ALT+B
Amazon Kindle Store ALT+Home
Refresh Web Page ALT+R
Search by Author Type  @author + author’s name
Change Text Spacing Alt+Shift+1-9 (3 is the default)

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