Frash brings Flash 10.1 to iPhone 4, 3GS running iOS 4.0 or 4.01 on jailbroken devices

If you have already jailbroken your iPhone (remember, it is legal now)  you can now run Flash on it (albeit in a limited mode for now) thanks to the latest Frash version from Comex, the very same developer that offers browser only jailbreak services. This should be interesting, because it opens up a can of worms Steve Jobs would rather hide. The new Frash version is available on Cydia by adding repository. (Go to Cydia->Manage->Sources->Edit->Add and enter repository. When finished, press Add Source button. Cydia will update the new source and Frash should be then available for search. Also available is the Frash Toggle for SBSettings, if you want to be able to easily turn ON/OFF Flash support). The size is 11.6MB for the Frash package. Upon successful installation, you will need to reboot you iPhone.

I tested Frash after the installation and it works well with many websites, but occasionally causes Safari browser to crash. Since it is still in Alpha version, this is to be expected. The speed is also not amazing but I expect it to improve as well.  If you have children, you must visit Check several screenshots after the break.

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