Guy pretends 84 percent from Facebook

A guy from New York named Paul Ceglia says he is entitle to 84% of Facebook stock. How? Well, based on the lawsuit data, Mark Zuckerberg hired him in 2003 to develop a website which eventually morphed into what Facebook is today.  The terms of the contract are somewhat unusual (but who are we to judge?) and based on the lawsuit info, entitled Paul Ceglia to 50 percent share and a mere 1000$ cash. What is even more unusual is that Paul claims Zuckerberg also agreed to pay 1 percent shares a day until the project’s completion…(Who does that? You would expect the longer it takes for the project to be completed, the LESS money/shares/whatever a developer would receive, past the date agreed in the contract for the completion). All in all, it adds up to 84% since the project was deemed completed bu Feb 4, 2004.

If you are curious enough, check the full lawsuit document here. Meantime, we are waiting in delight to see if this is yet another frivolous lawsuit we all should be so proud for, or the real deal. What makes this lawsuit interesting though is the existence of a contract, but its validity in relation with Facebook entity as it is today will of course have to be proved.

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