Archive | July 28, 2010

Amazon releases a new Kindle eBook reader – 3rd generation is here

In a move expected by everybody, especially since the new generation of electronic paper with improved contrast was released, Amazon launched their new Kindle that takes advantage of it: The new Kindle 3rd generation is smaller, lighter and faster than the current generation and comes in two colors, white and graphite (like the new DX). The release date is August 27, I pre-ordered it so expect a review as soon as I have the unit in my hands.

Like the Nook 3G and Wifi, Amazon has the new Kindle in two versions as well: WiFi only to be sold for $139 and the 3G+WiFi version for the same price as the current model, $189. the screen size is 6″ exactly as Nook and current Kindle (although I would like a 7″ version – one can hope). The exact difference is 20% shorter refresh time, 15% lower weight and about 21% smaller than the current unit as well. A really good news is that the internal memory is 4GB now versus 2GB current version (although still no SD or microSD slot)  and extended battery life (that is if the battery won’t be completely depleted overnight by indexing your books – yep, it happened to me). And yes, of course, better contrast due to the new generation of electronic paper. Who needs a Pandigital Novel 7 anymore?

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Apple looks into slowness reports for iPhone 3G – iOS 4 mix

Do you still have an iPhone 3G? Did you upgrade it to iOS 4.0? Is it noticeable slower than before? If you answered affirmative to all of these questions, you are not alone. I experienced an obvious decrease in performance when I upgraded my 3G to iOS 4.0 but since I upgraded meantime to iPhone 4, I wasn’t extremely bothered about it. However, if you plan and have to use your 3G for a while, you probably have a reason to complain about its performance.

Since iOS 4 release, it looks like Apple has been bombarded by thousands of complaints about slow keyboard response time, frozen screens, and a shorter battery life. While a certain performance impact was to be expected from a major update on older hardware, it looks like the decrease in performance is higher than everybody expected affecting the “magic” iPhone experience negatively. So much, that Wall Street Journal confirmed that Apple is aware of the problem and will look into it. Whether will solve it is a completely different matter since the new OS might purely be to heavy for the older generation hardware.