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Yes! Amazon Instant Video Prime is now available on XBOX 360

Good day! Finally, the last service that I was missing on XBOX 360 came alive – Amazon Instant Video is now available on XBOX 360, fairly shortly after it went live on the competitor’s Sony PS3. I am now officially happy – as a 2 years old cord cutter, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Amazon Instant Video on Demand are now all available on my beloved XBOX 360 boxes (one per each TV in the household, also used as  Windows Media Center extenders)

The new XBOX 360 Amazon Instant Video client is available as a separate download and offers, similar to the PS3 version, access to both Amazon Video on Demand and Prime Netflix-like subscription. Specific to XBOX 360 is Kinect integration that we came to expect from all XBOX 360’s media clients. A Watchlist queue management is available as well, and if you happen top have an EDU e-mail account, you can opt-in for half a price. Full price for Amazon Prime including free two days shipping, free e-books lending and Amazon Instant Video access is $79 per year making it the best deal in the history of entertainment in my opinion. You can order it here on Amazon’s prime web page, where you can also get one month trial for free. Also, if you ever wanted a quick way to search for movies on XBOX 360, this $20 keyboard attaching to your controller is the best and cheapest way.

Check after the break for Amazon’s full press release.

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Deal of the Day – Amazon buy the $299 Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle get $100 credit

If these gadget deals keep coming, my blog will be transformed in a daily deal blog and I really don’t want that, so I’ll try to make this the last one for today. If you get the $299 Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle, Amazon will throw in a $100 credit for good measure. What can you do with a console? Well, first of all, Microsoft just released the Kinect Windows SDK, so if you have some intentions toward app development, you can get a really cheap development system and start churning source code. Or you can use to play / watch Netflix/Hulu Plus/ESPN. Even better, the XBOX 360 can work as a Windows 7 Media Center Extender, so you can play/pause/skip those recorded videos you got on the main server. What? You didn’t cut the cable cord yet? What are you waiting for? You are wasting money, man!

Cloudy in SoCal, XBOX Live to get profile cloud storage

I don’t know what is going one lately in SoCal but I don’t remember any year with a worse weather than 2011. Today it rained and overall, the average temperature is at least 10 degrees under the historical average for this period. But we DO have E3 and Microsoft announced today a bunch of goodies, from Live TV streaming, UFC, Kinect / Bing voice search and YouTube to cloud storage for your game saves and Live Profile. That’s it, no more carrying around that idiotic XBOX only compatible memory stick.

How it will work? Every achievement, points, profile data and game saves will travel with you wherever you go so Read More…

XBOX 360 Spring 2011 Update is right here, adds PayPal integration, updated disk format, better stand-by mode

Good news folks, the XBOX 360 Spring 2011 update is finally here and brings a bunch of new features – the most obvious one being the PayPal integration, so you can now spend money in style. The PayPal integration is available in several other countries beside US and is an addition to the not very intuitive points based payment system.

The Spring 2011 Update starts today and will gradually be available everywhere in the next two weeks. Funny thing, I have seen quite a number of XBOX 360 owners online praying for the first time that an update is messing up their systems. One of the previous updates affected a small number of consoles making them incapable of reading retail disks. To fix this problem, Microsoft promised a new 250GB XBOX 360 slim system as a replacement, combined with 12 month of paid XBOX Live Gold.

Is the XBOX 360 Spring 2011 firmware update available to you yet? Let us know!

Kinect made Guinness book as the fastest selling electronic device

You know when you have a winner on your hands, right? Yep, when it makes the top list as the fastest selling consumer electronic device in the world, as Microsoft announced yesterday, with well deserved pride. And it looks like it still sells, in the number of 133,333 (nice number) devices a day, over 8 million of them sold in the first two month since on the market and currently well past 10 million mark.

The Kinect games also sold fairly well, without counting the Kinect Adventures included by default with all the Kinect kits, Microsoft sold over 10 million games as well, which considering the debatable quality of many of them, is still a pretty nice figure.

Comparatively, Sony’s Move controller only sold about 4.1 million in the same time frame, while being significantly cheaper.

The new record will be included in the next Guinness World Record Gamer’s edition recognizing record breaking achievements in the world of video games. Kinect sold at the full price during Holidays but is currently on sale at Amazon for a lower than MSRP price.

Xbox 360 Fall 2010 Dashboard Update is out

Today the XBOX 360 owners have a reason to rejoice – The Fall 2010 Dashboard Update is out and, like usual, it brings out a ton of goodies. Let’s see what they are:

1. ESPN streaming – This is huge and might be the necessary argument for some to skip cable / satellite TV subscription. If you already have XBOX Live Gold and you are getting your internet through one of the approved ISPs, you can stream ESPN live and/ or clips in full HD glory. If your ISP is not yet affiliate, you will still have access to streaming, but not the live events.

2. Netflix search with live results update – this is something that we really expected ,especially that now PS3 got its disk-less Netflix too and search as well. What we didn’t expect (or we did, but we had different hopes) is that Netflix access still requires Live Gold subscription…Come on Microsoft, PS3 and Wii are doing it for free.

3. Music and Zune Pass added to Zune Video along with some neat UI changes

4. Kinect (of course) including gesture based UI interaction a la Minority Report

5. Dashboard changes – now you can see three panels at the same time, side by side instead of all of them overlapped

You can see the full list of changes at Major Nelson’s website.

PogoPlug Pro launches – new wireless NAS device

A while ago we reviewed the Seagate FreeAgent DockStart Network Adapter, a small and very cheap NAS with 4 USB ports, containing PogoPlug technology so you can access your files from outside your home.

The PogoPlug runs on Linux and it is highly hackable. Today, a new unit was launched – the PogoPlug Pro. The functionality is pretty much the same like in the old version without the Pro-oriented features like sharing controls, multiple users and various usage statistics, destined to appeal to the business oriented users. The four USB ports are still available with an added bonus: Wireless access (802.11 b/g/n). And, if the PC is not enough, there are readily available applications to access your content (music, photos, video) from Android, iPad, BlackBerry, and webOS platforms. The MSRP price is set at $99 which makes it a competitor to the DLNA capable WD My Book Live. If you intend to watch the movies stored on your hard drive  from the Internet, remember: The quality will be limited by your Internet connection’s  upload speed. PogoPlug Pro accepts NTFS, FAT32, HFS+, EXT2, EXT3 formatted USB hard disks and sports a fast Gigabit Ethernet Connection. Not directly advertised, but PogoPlug also has some sort of DLNA functionality embedded since it can be configured to feed media to both XBOX 360 and PS3 (it won’t transcode your videos though, so you’ll be able to play only the video formats supported by XBOX 360 or PS3)

Xbox 360 Kinect bundle with 250GB HDD announced for $399

I am sure everybody was looking for a 250GB Kinect bundle and now, Microsoft has just announced it. All the Kinect bundles will be available November 4th here in US and November 10th in Europe, and also all bundles will contain the Kinect Adventures! game as well. The prices seem to be quite high with reported figures of $399 for US and £300 for the UK version. If you only want the Kinect sensor together with the Kinect Adventures! game, that will set you back $149. Microsoft also announced at least 15 games working with the Kinect controller available at launch.

The new bundle is already available for pre-order at Amazon with no taxes and free shipping.

Check the press release after the break.

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Microsoft will launch a new Xbox 360 controller with improved D-pad on November 9

The rumor that was floating on the web during the last several days regarding a new and improved XBOX 360 controller proved to be true. Microsoft will start selling the new controller on December 9, and beside an improved D-pad it will also feature black and white action buttons and a Play and Charge kit bundled in the box. The whole package will sell for no less than $64.99. There is no reports to detail if Microsoft will start selling the new Kinect XBOX 360 systems with the new controller, or it will just be sold as a luxury item. Check the YouTube video after the break. Read More…

XBOX Live Gold price hike announced

Conform with an announcement made by Major Nelson, XBOX Live gold subscription fees will increase starting November 1. The increase will take place in US, UK, Canada, Mexico and we wonder if they’ll come with some additional functionality to make the pill easier to swallow or if Microsoft just felt they can squeeze a little extra from our hard earned cash. As you can see in the following table, a month will be now $9.99 instead of $7.99 and a year worth of XBOX Live Gold jumps $10 to $59.99. And it happens now when everybody expects to have native Netflix on PS3 without using a disk. Or maybe Microsoft has a mole in Sony’s organization and they found out that Sony also wants to charge for the functionality???