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HSTI Mobostick Review – Wireless USB file sharing for Android devices

Previously we reviewed the HSTI Wireless Media Stick, today is its brother’s Mobostick (model MOB187U01) turn to be put through the tests, a dedicated device that HSTI created to simplify the task of sharing files from your Android phone/tablet wirelessly to any number of devices including gaming consoles, PCs, photo frames, sound systems, etc. We were also provided with a sample for review purposes and after several days of quite extensive tests we are ready to share our experience in this HSTI Mobostick Review. Read More…

HSTI Wireless Media Stick Review – Model WMS186U02

We are living in a time when everything is connected and the content needs to be shared across devices. However, many of our gadgets are still not network enabled, or do not have a WiFi adapter included. I am talking about the last generations TV units, photo frames, receivers, DVD players, boom boxes, stereos, etc. Most of our readers have at least a computer that can share media, some even a dedicated server or  NAS (network attached storage) units. How do we get that content to our gadgets that don’t support wireless sharing? HSTI, a Canadian technology company has a simple answer: Wireless Media Stick, a small USB device that connects to your wireless network, can access network shares and mount all the content available as a normal USB memory stick. We were provided with a sample and after extensive testing, our experience is summarized in this review. Read More…

Genius Ring Mouse Review

While we are not used to see completely innovative products coming very often on the market from the Taiwanese company Genius, this time they managed to impress with something never before seen – a wireless mouse small enough to wear on your finger, shaped as a ring that also managed to score an iF design award. Is it a new gimmick? Is it something functional? Is it a must have? I played with the new Genius Ring Mouse (or by its official name – Wireless Thumb Cursor Controller) for a while (or to be more precise until my wife saw it, liked it and stole it from me to use it herself) and my impressions are detailed in this review. Read along!


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$29.99 only for TRENDnet Wireless N Gaming Adapter TEW-647GA

Update: The price is up again!

Amazon has the highly rated TRENDnet TEW-647GA Wireless N Gaming Adapter for only $29.99 with free shipping and no taxes in most of the country (until the next vote changes that). Very low price considering the cheapest found on Google Products is $48. And it works with XBOX 360, so you won’t need to spend all your hard earned cash on the expensive Microsoft wireless adapter.

  • Use it to connect your game console to a high-performance wireless-N network
  • Play online or connect multiple (and different) consoles to play head-to-head
  • Works with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 and 3, Nintendo Wii , Xbox , etc
  • One-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

Top connected DVD/Blu-ray players of 2010 – a buyer’s guide

In case you haven’t heard, Blu-ray won the format war and the prices are finally at the level where everybody should be able to afford them. Streaming movies becomes increasingly popular and the mighty NETFLIX appears on more and more connected devices. Today, we will take a look at the latest and greatest mainstream connected Blu-ray players from major manufacturers as LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony.

Before going into details, we’ll talk a little bit more about what a connected device is and what you need to take full advantage of its full functionality.

As more and more entertainment Internet services started to get popular, and I am talking about movie/music streaming and pictures, a lot of people figured it out that it makes a lot of sense if they somehow can be integrated in the home theater systems. At the beginning, the most technologically gifted consumers used HTPC (and they still do) but having a PC in the living room is not for everybody. A lot of media streaming doesn’t require a lot of tinkering and configurations so the big electronics manufacturers  looked to embed various clients into their connected Blu-ray players or TV lines. The first big company to push for such clients was, you guessed, NETFLIX. The first NETFLIX set-top-box was provided by Roku, and made history, but Read More…

IPEVO S0-20 WiFi Phone for Skype review

Many of my friends are scattered around the world so I was looking for a cheap solution to stay in touch for quite a while. I am a frequent Skype user for international calls due to their prices and high call quality, so I wanted something that could use Skype service , but without a computer. I used a Linksys Yahoo phone for a while, but I like Skype better for voice so I started to test WiFi Skype phones.

I ended up buying a two pack IPEVO S0-20 WiFi Phone, I kept one phone while giving the other to my parents. We’ve been using them for more than six month now and I want to share my experiences:


Main features:

1. Call Quality – crisp and clear with only marginal latency.

2.Size – it is about the size of a cell phone and very light.

3.Keypad is lighted and usable in the dark.

4.Wireless – it can connect to an existing WiFi network, B or G and supports all the encryption standards (WEP, WPA, WPA2). I am using currently WPA2 and works like a charm. It will store the access keys for the networks.

5.Screen is very clear, bright and good resolution.The menus are simple and intuitive.

6. Battery life is very long, with at least 3 days between charges. I usually leave mine in the dock while not in use though. You can charge it from the supplied mini dock or directly via a mini-USB cable.

7. Features – most desktop Skype features are available, including adding new contacts, view call history, change status and the balance is always shown on the screen.


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Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm Clock with Built-in WiFi – AIRMM01F Review

I suppose I am old fashion, but I like to listen to radio, I always did. I still remember being a kid and listen in the dark at Radio Free Europe with my family when the electricity was cut of by the government to save money. But that was a different country and different life. The nostalgia remained though. So I looked around on the internet to buy a radio that would receive international stations (I already have a Sony World Band Receiver ICF_SW7600GR – who the heck comes up with these names?) which is a very good receiver in its own right, but the reception sucks in my city and anyway, they are very few foreign radio stations that broadcast strong enough to receive them in SOCAL.

Enough ranting, I managed to find two different internet radio receivers, a Philips NP1100/37 and an  Aluratek AIRMMF01F (another weird name). I bought both of them! The last one is the subject of today’s review. Read More…