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How to unbrick / restore / reset Nook Touch (N2E) to its default factory state

I had a number of requests for tutorial  Nook Touch describing how to restore a rooted nook Touch to its factory default state. I’ll describe a number of methods to be used based on the gravity of the issue. If the Nook Touch still works well, you might need the quick procedure. If it is bricked, you probably need to take the more drastic measures including a complete firmware re-flash. Let’s proceed!

Note: this article, at least for the firmware re-flash part requires you to be familiar with this procedure. If you rooted your device, you probably are. However, a quick read into our initial How to root Nook Touch article might help.

Restore Nook Touch Method 1: interrupt the booting process 8 times

Step 1: Power off the Nook Touch.

Step 2: Power it on again. Read More…

How to unbrick your Nook Color, or restore it to factory state

OK, since we posted our popular articles about rooting the Nook Color, we have been asked the same question many times – What if something goes wrong and my Nook Color is bricked? How I can unbrick it? How I can restore it to factory state and start again? Is the rooting process reversible? This article will answer these questions and offer some ways to unbrick / restore your Nook Color if something went wrong.

1. Facts:

It is almost impossible to completely brick your Nook Color (of course if you try really hard…) so there is no reason to get scared. If your device doesn’t boot (Black screen at re-boot) it is probably because your boot partition got corrupted during the rooting process. That’s Read More…