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Nook Tablet Review 2012

Nook Tablet is together with Kindle Fire one of the most eagerly awaited gadgets of the year. Barnes & Noble’s previous tablet, the¬†Nook Color held an important record – the best selling tablet after Apple’s iPad and that is a not an easy feat considering how crowded the tablet market has become. It is obvious though that pricing correctly sells, and the original Nook Color was priced correctly, the HP Touchpad has been priced correctly ( ūüėÄ ) during its fire sale and the current Nook Tablet is also priced correctly at $249. However, it is $50 more than Kindle Fire. Is it worth the extra money? How does it stand against its main competitor from Amazon? These are only some questions we’ll try to answer in this Nook Tablet Review. Read More…

Nook Color Refurbished on sale at Buy.com for just $149 shipped

If you want a good quality capacitive IPS LCD screen tablet for a really low price, Buy.com has Nook Color for only $149 for a week or so starting today. While Nook Color by itself is a really nice eReader, it will really shine once you get CyanogenMod 7 to run on it and convert it into a full featured tablet. See our Nook Color review and complete instructions in how to root it and install the new Android CyanogenMod 7 OS in here. Full Google Android Market and Amazon App Market are also available as it is Hulu Plus and Netflix. At $149, it is really a no brainer. 8+ hours battery life and support for every eBook format under the sun including PDF and EPUB guaranteed, 0.48 inches thin, WiFi and microSDHC support are also worth mentioning features.

via Buy.com

How to root Nook Touch and side load apps (Kindle, ADW launcher, Amazon App Store), review

Following our successful tutorials about rooting the Nook Color, we decided to write a new tutorial involving the new Barnes and Noble eReader, Nook Touch. Much like its older brother, the original nook, Nook Touch is build on top of an Android (2.1) based platform, and, as a result, fully capable of being rooted / hacked. The new Nook Touch has a faster processor, memory and¬†overall¬†a better hardware than its older brother and also a much longer battery life. Let’s go ahead and see what extra functionality / advantages you can Read More…

Barnes & Noble announced Nook – The Simple Touch Reader

Just a day after Kobo announced their own version of touch enabled eReader, Barnes & Noble decided it is time to unwrap their new eReader device as well, and surprise, it also has touch screen capabilities (and at this point, Amazon HAS to come with something, either a new eReader or a tablet to stay in the game).

Hardware wise, Nook Touch has the exact same infrared touch technology announced by Kobo and surprises us with an incredible battery life (up to 2 month). The device is also much thinner and lighter than its predecessor – about 21% more compact (the keyboard is also on screen). The screen is also the same 6″ EInk Pearl found in both Kindle 3 and Kobo Touch released yesterday and at this point it is obvious that eReader hardware is heading toward commoditization with the main differentiation being the software layer and the store content and prices.

Like previous models, the new Nook Simple Touch is also based on Android, has 2GB of memory which can be expanded through the included microSD slot (up to an additional 32GB). The eReader includes WiFi support but no 3G. I assume B&N did their marketing research and realized that not that many people are actually using the 3G capability, although we wished they would have come with a 3G enabled model for those that actually would enjoy it.

You can pre-order now from B&N website for $139 and it will start shipping on June 10th. Nook Simple Touch will also sell at BestBuy, Staples, Walmart and other stores.

Head after the break for full technical specs. Keep in touch for our upcoming Nook Touch Review.

Read More…

Barnes & Noble released Free Nook Kids for iPad

Following the latest news from Barnes & Noble in which the giant book seller announced that Nook platform controls a quarter of the eBook market, the popular Nook Kids framework that proved very successful on Nook Color jumped the street (and the OS) to Apple iPad.

The application is completely free and allows access to over 12,000 children books supporting a number of interactive features including search, zoom, notes, multiple fonts, etc. Some eBooks take the degree of interaction even deeper with the help of AliveTouch technology which allow kids to interact with their picture books.

Like the initial ¬†release on Nook Color, the iPad version of¬†Nook Kids also comes with two free books to help you¬†acquire¬†the taste:¬†ÔĽŅ¬†Elephant‚Äôs Child by Rudyard Kipling and Fun Facts about Pets by Seymour Simon.

As we already mentioned, the application (and the initial two books) are free so there is no reason why you Read More…

eBooks sales to reach a cool billion dollars in 2010

Yes, it is right…eBooks are no longer a niche reserved to¬†techno-files as¬†US consumers spent / will spend around a billion dollars buying eBooks for this year, and the number is projected to increase yet again to close to 3 billion dollars by 2015 says a recent survey by Forrester group using a sample of 4,000 people. While most of those (93 percent) still like to read the old way (killing trees), the other 7 percent make up the number while reading more.

According to Forrester’s numbers, the standard eBook reader will read about 66% eBooks and the rest in paper format. I expect both numbers to climb, the 7 percent currently using eReaders and the ratio of eBooks / paper books a eReader owner reads. For me, the ratio is close to 100%.

Interestingly enough, dedicated eReaders are at a close second place (32 percent) , most readers preferring to read their eBooks on their notebooks (35 percent) .

The recent drop in eReader prices also contributed to the sales, most devices being around $100 which is the compulsive buying range and the current market leader is Amazon’s Kindle 3 (full review here) with around 70 percent market share. At a distant second comes Barnes and Noble with their Nook (full review here) at around 15-20 percent.

Barnes & Noble Nook Color launches

Ladies and gentlemen, the first full color dedicated eReader from a major company just launched. Following their highly¬†successful¬†Nook (review) Barnes & Noble followed by a color version today. The new Color Nook also called NOOKcolor version uses a slightly larger LG 7″ 1024 x 600 16 million¬†colors¬†IPS touchscreen color display with a large 178 degree viewing angle, 8GB memory included for up to ¬†6000 books and an additional micro-SDHC slot that can¬†accommodate¬†up to 32GB additional storage and an accelerometer for automatic switching between portrait – landscape orientation.

Per B&N, while NOOKColor is still Android based, it won’t be able to access Android Marketplace (at least in its non-rooted incarnation), no Adobe Flash love either,¬†although¬†it will feature a web¬†browser. However, for those interested, it will come with its own SDK so expect multiple applications to pop-up soon. Maybe even NETFLIX streaming…after all we can dream, right? Pandora Radio streaming ¬†will be included at launch after all…

NOOKcolor is also a social eReader shipping with web clients for popular social sites as Facebook and Twitter and your kids are somehow included in the plan as well with the addition of AliveTouch, a technology to make your books interactive, similar with the one found on Apple iPad devices. Check after the break for full tech features / image gallery.¬† Read More…

Barnes & Noble: big firmware update 1.5 coming in November on Nook

Barnes & Noble just announced a big firmware update for their Nook eReaders, due sometime by the end of November. Among other fixes, firmware version 1.5 will dramatically improve page turning speed, improve search (and we just hope it will allow search in any documents beside just the books you purchased which is the way it works now). Custom library organization is also announced and, although no details were offered, I am sure everybody reading this is dreaming at folder support.

Mimicking Nook, the new update will bring last page read synchronization across various Nook clients so you can start reading on your PC and continue on your iPhone for example, which is a welcome addition.

If you have juicy books in your Nook library, you will be able to password protect them to keep everything far from the praying eyes.

For those of you who rooted Nook and actually use the extra features coming with the custom firmware (the one I really use is searching in My Documents) it is advisable to turn automatic update off and wait until the new version is cracked. History proved it won’t take too long, and we’ll be happy to announce it once it happens.

If you want to find out more about Nook, you can read our extensive Nook hands-on review.

Nook for Android won’t be left outside the upgrading process either, with Nook for Android 2.3 coming next week. The new features include the ability to go to a certain page number, view notes and highlights and improved search.

10 percent of Americans are using eReaders, 10 percent more in the next 6 month

A Harris Interactive poll published recently discloses that about 10 percent of the current Americans are using eReaders and another 10percent  plan to get one in the next 6 months. If this is correct, in the next 6 months the entire book reading population will be covered (exaggerating, but just a little). The statistical sample was 2,775 adults and the poll took place between 9th and 16th of August. The poll did not disclose which particular brands (iPad, Nook, Kindle, etc) are used and in what percentages.

Other worth mentioning numbers: Book readers on the East Coast are twice more willing to buy eBooks / eReaders than the ones on the West Coast with the readers from Midwest and South tied for the last place.

Another rumor was also confirmed: Owning an eReader will make you read more – 17 percent bought between 11-20 eBooks, 20 percent bought over 21 eBooks. From the crowd not owning an eReader, the numbers are 11 percent respectively 12 percent.

Here, at Review Horizon we are avid users of eReaders as well, and I feel our numbers are way outside the statistics (I am commuting for a long time for example and buy a new eBook every week). Each of my family members owns a different eReader brand (see our Nook, Kindle 3 and Pandigital Novel 7 reviews).

Amazon posts an Early Preview of Next Version 3.0.2 Kindle firmware – faster web browsing promised

Very soon after posting firmware version 3.0.1 for Kindle 3, Amazon previews yet another firmware version, you guessed, 3.0.2. The download will be available for a limited time only so if you feel adventurous go ahead and download it from here. Among the disclosed new features are faster web browsing and some other performance boosts (remember, we complained about performance issues when having a large number of documents uploaded to the device).

The 3.0.2 firmware is available for Kindle 3 Wi-Fi model, the North American 3G version and the European model. We posted an article about how to install Kindle 3 firmware 3.0.1, the process will be the same for 3.0.2. You can also read our in-depth Kindle 3 review and see how it compares with competitor products like Nook.

Kindle 3 firmware update steps:

1. Download the new firmware using your PC (they have 3 versions, WiFi only, Wifi + 3G US and Canada, WiFi + 3G Europe). Be sure to download the firmware for your device

2. Connect your Kindle via USB to your PC and copy the firmware file into Kindle’s root directory

3. After the file is copied, disconnect the Kindle from the USB connection

4. Go to the Home screen, Click Menu key, select “Settings.” Press Menu again, select “Update Your Kindle. Click OK

5. After your upgrade process is complete, you should have firmware version 3.0.2 installed. Let us know if you notice any improvements.