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Nook Color Refurbished on sale at Buy.com for just $149 shipped

If you want a good quality capacitive IPS LCD screen tablet for a really low price, Buy.com has Nook Color for only $149 for a week or so starting today. While Nook Color by itself is a really nice eReader, it will really shine once you get CyanogenMod 7 to run on it and convert it into a full featured tablet. See our Nook Color review and complete instructions in how to root it and install the new Android CyanogenMod 7 OS in here. Full Google Android Market and Amazon App Market are also available as it is Hulu Plus and Netflix. At $149, it is really a no brainer. 8+ hours battery life and support for every eBook format under the sun including PDF and EPUB guaranteed, 0.48 inches thin, WiFi and microSDHC support are also worth mentioning features.

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Hulu Plus officially adds support for four more Android smartphones

And I said officially because at this point, if you have the skills you can have Hulu Plus on pretty much any Android device you want, including Nook Color. The new smartphones to officially get Hulu Plus are Sprint Evo 4G, T-Mobile G2, T-Mobile myTouch 4G, Verizon Thunderbolt making a total of 10. You can download the Hulu Plus apk straight from the Android Market if you are officially supported or from here and side load it to your device. Either way, you’ll need the standard $7.99 / month to use it although a free 2 weeks preview is available.

As a side question, now that Netflix raised prices, do you still prefer it over Hulu? I do, because the streaming plans are priced the same and Hulu Plus sucks with all those ads. We still need it for those pesky TV shows though…Nothing beats Hose / Bones, at least if you ask my  significant other.

Android Market 3.0.26 launched, adds movie rentals, competes with Netflix, works on Nook Color

Very soon after Netflix made news inflating their monthly subscription prices, Google released a new version of their Android Market version 3.0.26 that beside selling apps, now sells books and rents movies. The new Android Market apk is compatible with Android 2.2+ devices, more visually appealing than the previous version and supports multiple accounts as well. I uploaded the apk com.android.vending-1.apk it here so you can download it immediately and I am happy to report that it works well with my CyanogenMod 7 Nook Color. The only problem is that on a rooted device, you cannot rent movies, but everything else works well.
Talking about how the new Android Market looks, is it just me or the tiles design resembles WP7 interface?

Check after the break for a YouTube video and photo gallery demo-ing the new market app and features.

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Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Color jumps ahead Amazon’s Kindle as the best selling eReader

Based on the latest numbers churned by IDC, for the first time ever B&N’s sweet eReader / hacked Android tablet Nook Color took the lead in sales jumping ahead Amazon’s hugely successful Kindle eReader. We can’t say we are completely surprised by the news, especially since the Nook Color is our all time favorite device. The news is obviously a message from the readers that they want devices that will do more than just allowing them to read books, Internet browsing and gaming / movie watching being the obvious favorites. With Nook Color, you can do all of the above, especially if you root them and install CyanogenMod 7, a move that should give you full tablet functionality for less. If you are interested, check our series of articles in how to do it!

iPad 2 continues to dominate the tablets market but Nook Color remains on the second place, despite efforts from dedicated players like Samsung or Motorola. IDC doesn’t say though, and we would certainly like to know how many of the Nook Color buyers end up rooting / replacing their OS.

Check out IDC’s full Press Release after the break.

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Fieldrunners HD FREE as Amazon Android App of the Day – works well on Nook Color

One of the best tower defense games ever and available for a while on the iPhone / iPad now available on the Android platform and free for today. The game is Fieldrunners HD and it is free for today in Amazon Android App store (usually $2.99). To get it you can follow the link or just start up the Amazon Android App store if you have it on your Android device. I just installed it on my CyanogenMod 7.1 Nook Color and it works really well. In case the game only occupies a small portion of the screen, you need to uncheck the compatibility mode for old apps in the “Spare Parts” application.

Game info:

  • Requires a phone running OS 2.2 or above, and is not compatible with tablets
  • Strategically construct tower defenses to protect your base
  • Earn cash by keeping the enemy out and buy more destructive towers
  • Play over 400 levels and 4 battlefields
  • Enjoy Hi-definition graphics, and amusing sound effects

Angry Birds for Nook Color gets free Mighty Eagle if you play in Barnes and Noble Stores

It looks like Barnes and Noble is getting serious in their plans to support their own Android App Store for Nook Color and announces its first exclusive – a tweaked Angry Birds version for Nook Color that gives you goodies for playing it in B&N stores (and being connected to B&N WiFi network), making the first Angry Birds implementation to be location aware. Apparently, B&N tries to steal some of the Apple’s “magic” designating their own stores as a “Magic Place”.

The first bonus to be given in the above “Magic Place” is a free Mighty Eagle with other in-game bonuses and content made available to returning visitors. It is obviously a clever marketing trick to get as many visitors as possible, considering the popularity of Rovio’s game. The deal between Rovio Read More…

How to watch Netflix on Nook Color

Update: In its latest version, Netflix removed the check for unsupported devices check so it should now work without any changes. Just update the Netflix apk from the Android market, restart the device and it should work fine. In certain configurations, you might experience a weird sound issue where the sound track plays faster than the video, a so called “chipmunk sound”. In this case, you’ll still need to change build.prop per the instructions.

If you want to use the newly released Android Netflix application for your Nook Color, you’ll have the unpleasant surprise that it doesn’t work out of the box. The reason is that Nook Color doesn’t support the required DRM Netflix need for streaming, but it looks like Netflix does only a minor check for the device name that is part of the build.prop file. A quick change of the build prop can fool the application, at least for now. Here is how to do it:

Step 0: Check our article about changing the build.prop to find out how to access the file and edit it. If you haven’t root your Nook Color yet, we have an extensive series of articles in how to perform it, especially this one.

Step 1. Pull out the build.prop file with the following command

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How to unbrick your Nook Color, or restore it to factory state

OK, since we posted our popular articles about rooting the Nook Color, we have been asked the same question many times – What if something goes wrong and my Nook Color is bricked? How I can unbrick it? How I can restore it to factory state and start again? Is the rooting process reversible? This article will answer these questions and offer some ways to unbrick / restore your Nook Color if something went wrong.

1. Facts:

It is almost impossible to completely brick your Nook Color (of course if you try really hard…) so there is no reason to get scared. If your device doesn’t boot (Black screen at re-boot) it is probably because your boot partition got corrupted during the rooting process. That’s Read More…

Barnes & Noble released Free Nook Kids for iPad

Following the latest news from Barnes & Noble in which the giant book seller announced that Nook platform controls a quarter of the eBook market, the popular Nook Kids framework that proved very successful on Nook Color jumped the street (and the OS) to Apple iPad.

The application is completely free and allows access to over 12,000 children books supporting a number of interactive features including search, zoom, notes, multiple fonts, etc. Some eBooks take the degree of interaction even deeper with the help of AliveTouch technology which allow kids to interact with their picture books.

Like the initial  release on Nook Color, the iPad version of Nook Kids also comes with two free books to help you acquire the taste:  Elephant’s Child by Rudyard Kipling and Fun Facts about Pets by Seymour Simon.

As we already mentioned, the application (and the initial two books) are free so there is no reason why you Read More…

Nook Color Review – is NookColor better than Kindle or iPad?

1. Introduction

NookColor is Barnes and Noble’s first color reading device and it comes at exactly one year after the release of the original and highly successful Nook eReader, just in time for the holidays. If you do not count the myriads of cheap Android tablets priced around $100-$150 with resistive touchscreen and no UI customization, Nook Color is the first color eReader on the market priced at a reasonable price ($250), less then half the price of iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab and in a form factor better suited for travel.

Positioned as a reader for content beyond regular eBooks, Barnes and Noble is actively advertising it as the device of choice for children books and magazines, where color is important. As eInk color eReaders are not yet on the shelves (real or virtual), LCD devices are the way to go and, beside hugely successful iPad running iOS, the OS of choice for eReaders and small tablets is Android.

2. Nook Color Hardware specifications

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