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Review: UnoTelly DNS and VPN Service – watch BBC, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go from any region

Let’s start with some facts: I am living in sunny California and me and my kids love Doctor Who! The one small problem, Doctor Who ‘s new episodes are not really available in US, so we need a way to watch them as soon as they are available. That’s not the only problem, a lot of sport events are ignored by US networks or their coverage is downright horrible, including Formula 1, Gymnastics, European soccer, etc. What to do? BBC iPlayer uses geo-location to check your current position and refuses to stream if you are outside UK. Same applies if you are trying to use Netflix/Hulu/HBO Go while traveling in a country that doesn’t have licensing rights for the mentioned services. We will need a service that provides access to streaming services from different countries and UnoTelly offers just such a service. I had the chance to use it around the house and while commuting on the train for the last week, and the experience is detailed in the present review. Read More…

Hulu Plus on AppleTV, Amazon Instant Video on iPad, Apple gets serious

Although quietly, in the last two days Apple’s eco-system significantly improved, first by the addition of Hulu Plus video streaming service on their AppleTV units, and today by the launch of Amazon Instant Video on iPad (iPhone/iPod owners are out of luck for now). With the latest launches, Apple just became one of the strongest competitor in the media streaming market (their Apple TV supports the three big market players – Netflix, Hulu and Amazon) with the one big omission in my opinion being HBO GO. On the tablet category, iPad has by far the largest streaming support at the moment, Amazon Instant Video being only supported currently on one other tablet, Amazon’s own Kindle Fire.

You can download the iPad app from iTunes here and yes, it does have access to Your Watchlist. If you have Amazon Prime for free 2-day shipping, Instant Video comes in the price together with free eBook lending. For more info, head over Amazon’s Prime webpage.

Yes! Amazon Instant Video Prime is now available on XBOX 360

Good day! Finally, the last service that I was missing on XBOX 360 came alive – Amazon Instant Video is now available on XBOX 360, fairly shortly after it went live on the competitor’s Sony PS3. I am now officially happy – as a 2 years old cord cutter, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Amazon Instant Video on Demand are now all available on my beloved XBOX 360 boxes (one per each TV in the household, also used as  Windows Media Center extenders)

The new XBOX 360 Amazon Instant Video client is available as a separate download and offers, similar to the PS3 version, access to both Amazon Video on Demand and Prime Netflix-like subscription. Specific to XBOX 360 is Kinect integration that we came to expect from all XBOX 360’s media clients. A Watchlist queue management is available as well, and if you happen top have an EDU e-mail account, you can opt-in for half a price. Full price for Amazon Prime including free two days shipping, free e-books lending and Amazon Instant Video access is $79 per year making it the best deal in the history of entertainment in my opinion. You can order it here on Amazon’s prime web page, where you can also get one month trial for free. Also, if you ever wanted a quick way to search for movies on XBOX 360, this $20 keyboard attaching to your controller is the best and cheapest way.

Check after the break for Amazon’s full press release.

via Amazon XBOX 360

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Netflix for Android updated to 1.5.0 build 360 – adds support for Android 3.0 breaks video on CyanogenMod TouchPad and Nook Color

Update 10/23/2011: Netflix just released yet a new version specifically to fix their recently introduced CyanogenMod 7 video compatibility issue. I can confirm that now everything works fine on both Netflix and TouchPad, including the subtitles.

Netflix released their new Netflix player version for Android devices today adding the long awaited Android 3.x support, subtitles and Canada/Latin America support. This is all nice and peachy. What is not so nice is that some CyanogenMod devices are not supported properly anymore. I was able to personally test that CMP Nook Color ad HP TouchPad don’t show video anymore, just audio (and subtitles if enabled). The previous version (1.4.1) works well and if you are in need for the Netflix apk file, you can always find them in here. Some apk versions even have the automatic update check disabled.

The new version is available for free in Android Market.

Quick Review – Roku 2 LT out for only $49

This is probably the cheapest media streamer on the market to date – Roku just released a new member of the Roku 2 family, called Roku 2 LT. The miniature box features all the features of its big (and more expensive brothers) like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video on Demand, Pandora, Facebook, Tweeter, Revision 3, HBO Go and hundreds of other installable channels but no gaming capabilities (sorry Angry Birds), no Bluetooth and no wired Ethernet, but it does include WiFi. The max resolution is capped at 720p, which is fine of you are limited by the TV anyway. The price? $49 which makes it really budget friendly and no excuse not to add it behind every TV in your house.

Beside the limited resolution, LT is remarkable through its purple case. As we mentioned, the software capability is similar with the rest of Roku 2 family and you can read a full review of Roku 2 XS right here.

Nook Color Refurbished on sale at Buy.com for just $149 shipped

If you want a good quality capacitive IPS LCD screen tablet for a really low price, Buy.com has Nook Color for only $149 for a week or so starting today. While Nook Color by itself is a really nice eReader, it will really shine once you get CyanogenMod 7 to run on it and convert it into a full featured tablet. See our Nook Color review and complete instructions in how to root it and install the new Android CyanogenMod 7 OS in here. Full Google Android Market and Amazon App Market are also available as it is Hulu Plus and Netflix. At $149, it is really a no brainer. 8+ hours battery life and support for every eBook format under the sun including PDF and EPUB guaranteed, 0.48 inches thin, WiFi and microSDHC support are also worth mentioning features.

via Buy.com

Android Netflix update 1.4 brings compatibility with all 2.2 and 2.3 devices

Well, isn’t this a good news? The new Netflix version 1.4 was just released in the Marketplace and with it, Netflix announces compatibility with all Android devices running Android 2.2 and 2.3. And that probably means your cheap HP Touchpad that soon will get its own CyanogenMod 7 as well. This is a really good news, especially with all the tricks I needed to perform to get it on my CyanogenMod 7 Nook Color. With the Netflix device limit increased at 50 devices per account, there is no excuse to get the popular service everywhere you can.

via Android Market

Roku 2 XS Review (3100X model)

Yesterday I had the pleasant surprise to find a package in front of my door – the new Roku 2 3100X has arrived. I unpacked it immediately so I can put it to the test – here is the Roku 2 XS review summing my impressions. I also own the previous Roku (review here)  box for more than a year, so I knew what to expect. I knew the software would be similar, so I was mainly interested in the new box responsivity and of course, the new gaming platform Roku just launched.
A bit of history on the side – Roku was the first company to release a dedicated streaming box and they are now at the 3rd generation. While weak for local content, they have arguably the lagest selection of streaming choices with content from Netflix to Vimeo and UFC to FoxNews. Private channels can be added as well to support Plex, YouTube, PlayOn, etc.


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Netflix 1.3 update for Android – now supports 24 devices including Samsung Galaxy S

Another day, another Netflix version for Android, this time increasing the number of supported Android devices to a whooping 24 devices in version 1.3. Among the most notable newcomers are HTC Droid Incredible 2, Droid 3, Samsung Galaxy S. Here is the full list:

Nook Color is still not mentioned, but we know better! Check out our article in how to run Netflix on Nook Color. You can download the new Netflix 1.3 apk (file name com.netflix.mediaclient_246.apk) in here.

• Casio G’zOne Commando C771 with Android 2.2
• HTC Droid Incredible
• HTC Droid Incredible 2
• HTC G2
• HTC Thunderbolt
• Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet
• LG Revolution
• Motorola Atrix
• Motorola Droid
• Motorola Droid X
• Motorola Droid X2
• Motorola Droid 2
• Motorola Droid 3
• Samsung Droid Charge
• Samsung Epic 4G
• Samsung Galaxy S
• Samsung Galaxy S 4G
• Samsung Fascinate
• Samsung Nexus S
• Samsung Nexus S 4G

Roku 2 to ship by the end of July – gets Angry Birds, waving remote and new channels

Thanks to the FCC leaks, we all knew Roku 2 is coming, but we weren’t sure about its capabilities. Today, Roku made Roku 2 official and here are the details: There are still three models similar with the previous product line called Roku 2 HD for $59 that still keeps the same 720p HD limit (it is 2011, Roku, why to you have to artificially add this limit?), Roku 2 XD selling for $79 that upgrades the resolution to the max 1080p and ultimately, Roku 2 XS selling at $99 price point and adds Ethernet and USB ports.

Beside streaming media, Roku figured out the consumer also want some gaming capabilities ($5 range), so they included a 3D capable GPU that should enable some decent gaming, including Angry Birds available at launch (free if you buy Roku 2 XS). There is also a new Bluetooth remote  – Wii style announced that should enable users to interact in a modern way with their new toy. It does come with a hand wrist strap so you won’t put your TV in danger.

While all the models have Bluetooth capability, only the most expensive Roku 2 XS will include the remote in the box, for the other models it is an Read More…