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Deal of the Day – Amazon buy the $299 Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle get $100 credit

If these gadget deals keep coming, my blog will be transformed in a daily deal blog and I really don’t want that, so I’ll try to make this the last one for today. If you get the $299 Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle, Amazon will throw in a $100 credit for good measure. What can you do with a console? Well, first of all, Microsoft just released the Kinect Windows SDK, so if you have some intentions toward app development, you can get a really cheap development system and start churning source code. Or you can use to play / watch Netflix/Hulu Plus/ESPN. Even better, the XBOX 360 can work as a Windows 7 Media Center Extender, so you can play/pause/skip those recorded videos you got on the main server. What? You didn’t cut the cable cord yet? What are you waiting for? You are wasting money, man!

Kinect made Guinness book as the fastest selling electronic device

You know when you have a winner on your hands, right? Yep, when it makes the top list as the fastest selling consumer electronic device in the world, as Microsoft announced yesterday, with well deserved pride. And it looks like it still sells, in the number of 133,333 (nice number) devices a day, over 8 million of them sold in the first two month since on the market and currently well past 10 million mark.

The Kinect games also sold fairly well, without counting the Kinect Adventures included by default with all the Kinect kits, Microsoft sold over 10 million games as well, which considering the debatable quality of many of them, is still a pretty nice figure.

Comparatively, Sony’s Move controller only sold about 4.1 million in the same time frame, while being significantly cheaper.

The new record will be included in the next Guinness World Record Gamer’s edition recognizing record breaking achievements in the world of video games. Kinect sold at the full price during Holidays but is currently on sale at Amazon for a lower than MSRP price.

Xbox 360 Kinect bundle with 250GB HDD announced for $399

I am sure everybody was looking for a 250GB Kinect bundle and now, Microsoft has just announced it. All the Kinect bundles will be available November 4th here in US and November 10th in Europe, and also all bundles will contain the Kinect Adventures! game as well. The prices seem to be quite high with reported figures of $399 for US and £300 for the UK version. If you only want the Kinect sensor together with the Kinect Adventures! game, that will set you back $149. Microsoft also announced at least 15 games working with the Kinect controller available at launch.

The new bundle is already available for pre-order at Amazon with no taxes and free shipping.

Check the press release after the break.

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Microsoft will launch a new Xbox 360 controller with improved D-pad on November 9

The rumor that was floating on the web during the last several days regarding a new and improved XBOX 360 controller proved to be true. Microsoft will start selling the new controller on December 9, and beside an improved D-pad it will also feature black and white action buttons and a Play and Charge kit bundled in the box. The whole package will sell for no less than $64.99. There is no reports to detail if Microsoft will start selling the new Kinect XBOX 360 systems with the new controller, or it will just be sold as a luxury item. Check the YouTube video after the break. Read More…

Lenovo to launch their own game console called eBox…competition for XBOX 360 / PS3 / Wii?

In a move that will put them in direct competition with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo (although in China only at the beginning), Lenovo announces their entrance on the game console market with a new console called eBox (xBox knockout anybody?) we find in an article in The Wall Street Journal. Not only that, but it look like the new game console will feature a technology similar with XBOX 360 Kinect to provide a controller free experience.

The development will be performed by a Lenovo spin off company called Beijing eedoo Technology Ltd.

No other details are available though we would like to know how many horse power (or Gigahertz) the beast will have under its cover. Also interesting to know if what kind of developer support will Lenovo able to secure and what type of DRM protection will the box contain. Chinese made devices (and the Chinese market as a whole where piracy is rampant) aren’t famous for their security and this particular aspect would make the big gaming houses reticent to release their games for the new platform.

Xbox 360 4GB announced for August 3rd at $199, also part of a Kinect bundle

Microsoft just announced the release of their new slim XBOX 360 console without a hard drive but with 4GB memory included. The new console will sell for $199 and should be available for shipping on August 3rd. Kinect ready, of course. But that is not all: just in time for the holidays, Microsoft will release a new Kinect bundle that will include Kinect controller, Kinect Adventures game  and the newly released 4GB XBOX 360 console, for the round price of $300 (or $299 if you like). Kinect bundle should start shipping in November.

On a related news, starting today Kinect controller is available for pre-order at Amazon for $149 with free shipping and no taxes in most states.

Kinect available for pre-order at Walmart for $149

You did not expect it so soon, did you? Well, Kinect for XBOX 360 is here for $149 available for pre-order from Walmart. The posted shipping date is 11/04/2010 just in time for the holidays. Also available is a Kinect Bundle starting at $199 with the choice of a Kinect game plus an additional game and a Walmart $30 gift card. Same delivery date.

Are you excited? Do you consider the price to be high? Low? Just Right?

Kinect is widely considered by analysts to help “re-launch” the already old console and drive sales further, generating up to a billion in extra hardware revenue and also boost XBOX Live income as well. Read More…

New slim XBOX 360 available at Amazon

After several days of drastically reduced prices for the older packages (Arcade version sliding as low as $149 with $50 gift card), Amazon finally has the new and slim XBOX 360 available for pre-order, at $299 with free shipping and no taxes in most states. The title is Xbox 360 250GB Elite Console and it is advertised as “Kinect ready” – basically is has a special port for the new Kinect controller-free device that would allow you to use only one power adapter.

The new XBOX 360 is smaller that the predecessor and whisper quiet, making it a better fit for your entertainment center. It scores a spacious 250GB hard drive and integrated wireless-N adapter.

XBOX Live Gold membership card gives you access to additional features like Netflix HD client, Facebook client, Twitter and starting this fall, ESPN HD. There are rumors also about a possible HULU integration, but we need to see it first.

Slim XBOX 360 announced, to include 250GB hard drive and built in WiFi

Wow, this is a nice surprise. Microsoft just announced at E3 Expo 2010, their piece of resistance, beside Kinect: An all new, slimmer and with more capacity XBOX 360. The new console is smaller and slimmer than the predecessor, a piano-finish black look, has a 250GB hard-drive, integrated wireless-N, and retails for $299.

ESPN comes to XBOX 360

Microsoft just announced during today’s E3 2010 session that it has signed a deal with ESPN to bring ESPN 3 live and on-demand to XBOX 360 Live service in all its HD glory. Among the content available for streaming you will find Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, NBA, college footbal and basketball, etc. A total of 3500 events will be available. The ESPN streaming will be compatible with the new Kinect (marketing name for Project Natal) (assume voice control for surfing, chat during live events, etc). The EPSN 3 programming will be free to the Live Gold members. Do you still think Live Gold membership is expensive?