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iOS 4.1 jailbreak is near and this time might be permanent

Less than a day after Apple released iOS 4.1, a new exploit was also announced and it was obviously timed to coincide with Apple’s event. The good news this time is that the security hole exploited won’t be as easy to patch as the previous PDF exploit that we reported.

Initially announced by iPhone Dev-team member pod2g on Twitter, the exploit seems to be confirmed by other member of the hackers community and is related to a low level section of the OS located in the boot ROM. If this is real, Apple is in big trouble since that particular section cannot be updated with a firmware patch and it might be there forever, at least for the already sold iPhones. To fix it, Apple will need a new hardware revision and that might take a while…All current generation Apple i* devices shipped after November seem to contain the vulnerability including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad models.

The exploit code is not yet out in the open and until in surfaces, we would recommend to stay clear of iOS 4.1 if you want to have your iPhone jailbroken. If you just have to have the new iOS 4.1 features, go ahead and rest assured that we’ll publish the exploit as soon as it becomes available. And don’t forget that now, in US, jailbreaking your iPhone is completely legal.

iOS 4.1 available for download and review – give it a try if you don’t care about jailbreaking

iOS 4.1 is finally here and it is compatible with every iPhone model starting with iPhone 3G (3G, 3GS, 4) and every iPod Touch starting with 2nd generation. Game Center is probably the main attraction together with HDR Photos, the ability to upload HD video over WiFi and TV show rentals for your iOS device, but as we reported, Game Center is not available for iPhone 3G. Among the main fixes is the proximity sensor plus the fix for the speed issues reported with iPhone 3G. You can give it a try via iTunes and let us know your experience if you don’t care about jailbreaking your iPhone right now. We’ll also review it soon and of course, we’ll let you know when you can jailbreak it 😉 Read More…

No Game Center love for older iPhone 3G and iPod 1st gen

If you look carefully at Apple Game Center’s page, and if you are also a owner of older generation iPhone 3G and iPod 1st gen, you will experience a feeling of sadness, Why? Because Apple left them out. The game Center introduced in iOS 4.1 will  only be compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4,  iPod Touch 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation. It will interesting to know though if a potential jailbreak can bring the Game Center to the older devices the same way multi-tasking was implemented on jailbroken 3G, but even so, I will expect the performance to be rather bad.

jailbreakme.com PDF exploit source code is out in the open, read how to protect yourself

One day after Apple released iOS 4.0.2 for the sole purpose of fixing the PDF exploit found by Comex, Comex, the developer behind jailbreakme.com made public the source code they used to take advantage of the above mentioned exploit. The problem is that now anyone can take advantage just by creating a website similar to  jailbreakme.com. If you want to defend yourself against malicious attacks while keeping your iPhone jailbroken, there is a”patch” on Cydia which, even if it doesn’t eliminate the vulnerability, issues a warning whenever you are trying to download a PDF file. Here are the steps and the screenshots:

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Frash brings Flash 10.1 to iPhone 4, 3GS running iOS 4.0 or 4.01 on jailbroken devices

If you have already jailbroken your iPhone (remember, it is legal now)  you can now run Flash on it (albeit in a limited mode for now) thanks to the latest Frash version from Comex, the very same developer that offers browser only jailbreak services. This should be interesting, because it opens up a can of worms Steve Jobs would rather hide. The new Frash version is available on Cydia by adding repo.benm.at repository. (Go to Cydia->Manage->Sources->Edit->Add and enter repo.benm.at repository. When finished, press Add Source button. Cydia will update the new source and Frash should be then available for search. Also available is the Frash Toggle for SBSettings, if you want to be able to easily turn ON/OFF Flash support). The size is 11.6MB for the Frash package. Upon successful installation, you will need to reboot you iPhone.

I tested Frash after the installation and it works well with many websites, but occasionally causes Safari browser to crash. Since it is still in Alpha version, this is to be expected. The speed is also not amazing but I expect it to improve as well.  If you have children, you must visit Starfall.com. Check several screenshots after the break.

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ultrasn0w can now unlock the carrier for iPhone 4

Dev-Team did it again…The latest update of ultrasn0w supports now unlocking for iPhone 4. Just a couple of days after releasing their easy jailbreak method, Dev-Team releases a new version of ultrasn0w that unlocks the latest and greatest iPhone 4. Ultrasn0w version 1.0.1 is available on Cydia and unlocks iPhone 4 baseband 01.59.00 and iPhone 3 / iPhone 3GS basebands  04.26.04, 05.11.07, 05.12.01 & 05.13.04.

You should of course have an already jailbroken iPhone 4. If you didn’t jailbreak your iPhone yet, there is a short tutorial here. Ultrasn0w should be available on Cydia, but if you cannot find it, you might need to add the following repository: repo666.ultrasn0w.com

How to jailbreak your iPhone 4 (iOS 4.0 and 4.0.1) without any application using JailbreakMe 2.0

A new way of jailbreaking your beloved iPhone appeared and it is easier than ever. So easy in fact, that it is enough to visit a website and you’ll jaibreak your iPhone without using a PC or MAC. I just jailbreak my iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0.1 while sitting at the pool watching my son. It took less than 5 minutes and I had Cydia installed (and SBSettings and dTunes) Actually SBSettings is one of the main reasons I still want to jailbreak my iPhone 4…that and the fact I can used it for tethering.

OK, so let’s see how you can do it: All you need is to visit this website (Jailbreakme.com) and follow the instructions on the screen which are self explanatory. I included some screenshots to see how I did it. You’ll also see that it is an iPhone 4 from the amount of memory displayed in SBSettings.

The website is fairly hammered right now so you might need to try several times until you get through. Alternatively, you might try this alternative website as well, although chances are it will be hammered as well for a while. I got through from only three tries though. Again, you will need to visit the above mentioned websites from Safari and with your iPhone.

After everything is finished, Cydia should be available on your desktop. It took a while though to updated all the sources/packages so SBSettings was available about an hour after I had my iPhone 4 jailbroken. Got the 5 icon dock as well, of course.

Warning: There is a slim chance your iPhone will be bricked. A standard restore in iTunes should fix that and you can try again. Check after the break for screenshots. Read More…

Official green light for jailbreaking (iPhones and everything else)

Today a special news came from the U.S. Copyright Office – after a review of the federal copyright law that takes place every three years, jailbreaking your iPhone (or any other electronic device) for the purpose of running legal acquired/developed applications is now legal. Yes, you read it correctly, hacking your iPhone to run Cydia and non App store applications is now legal. Of course Apple doesn’t like it, but it seems at this point there is nothing that they can do (apart from lobbying the Congress and hope in a future re-consideration of the law). The full text of today’s decision can be found here. Circumventing copy protection for DVD movies is also now allowed providing the movies are only used for documentary purposes but weirdly enough, Blu-ray movies are not covered.

With today’s change, I can foresee an explosion of companies offering to jailbreak your iPhone for a fee, now that the process is legal.

How to jailbreak iPhone 3G with iOS 4.0 ( Windows / Mac ) – redsn0w

Well, it didn’t take that long this time, at least that much is sure. Only a day after Apple officially released  iOS 4.0 for iPhone, the crafty guys from Dev-Team released redsn0w version 0.9.5b5-5 (available here for Mac and here for Windows) which will set free your beloved iphone. I made the mistake of upgrading to iOS 4.0 yesterday and I realized I can’t stand my iPhone 3G anymore. No multi-tasking, no SBSettings, no 5-Icon Dock 🙁 NO NPR while surfing :(. Enough complaining, I already fixed all that, and I also created a small tutorial published here for your jail-breaking pleasure. Read More…