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Apple’s iPad got its own official Twitter application

Twitter has released their official iPad application (in fact the same one as before, just updated with iPad support and some new UI features).

The current version is 3.1 and beside just being able to read/send tweets it also integrates photos, videos and webpages, depending of the content referred by a certain tweet which is  particularly helpful and is made possible by the larger screen available. You can see the referred content by taping on a tweet and a panel will open on the right displaying the content. You can use gestures to reply, re-tweet, etc. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can get content from some popular ones that Twitter put together and you’ll be able to read the latest news in various categories or sample media around the Web.

The application is free and there is no reason not to download it right away.

Netflix releases iPhone compatible application

Netflix finally released an iPhone and iPod touch compatible application to the delight of many Netflix users around the country (including me).  Until today, only iPad featured Netflix for no specific reason other than the big screen???  What is really interesting is that it streams via 3G, not something I would have expected given Apple / AT&T reluctance to overload the already slow AT&T network…But maybe with the new data plans they figure out you’ll be the reluctant one in using the application.

Anyway, the application is free, as expected so go ahead and download it. Screenshots after the break for the ones still not convinced. Read More…

Apple iTV to be released in September for $99?

The latest rumor (and we love them, don’t we?) is coming straight from the Digg founder, Kevin Rose. He claims that he also heard rumors that iTV will use Apple iOS (which we knew already) and be priced around $99 (which we also knew from previous rumors). What we didn’t know is that the expected launch to be in September, which is just next month. Apple of course is mum on the subject, but technically wise is doable considering that most of the hardware and software platforms are almost the same between iPhone 4, iPad and presumably iTV devices.

Among the possible features, Kevin also mentioned an iPhone/iPad marketplace but for TV which makes a lot of sense and will certainly help the adoption especially if you can jailbreak it ;). In this particular case, jailbreaking the device might be mandatory because I cannot imagine Apple freely supporting MKV for example or Blu-ray/DVD rips streamed over the network. Other features might include a la carte stations with unforeseen effects for the TV/cable industry in general, MobileMe Picture and Video sharing and something obvious – iPhone/iPad used as a remote control. Now, whether Kevin Rose really heard a rumor or he made up a list of obvious applications and features, remain to be seen. Also to be seen is the 720p video playback limitation that could be due to the power of the A4 CPU…or Apple might surprise us and release a faster version for the iTV launch.

Now, with Google TV also in the works and almost priced, Apple is sure to have some competition. Eventually, both boxes might coexist and eliminate the smaller competition completely if they support the right codecs.

Dish Network’s DishOnline.com live this week with cable channels streaming

For us, Dish Network subscribers this week is shaping to be a good week. The company just announced that DishOnline.com will be out of beta this week and start streaming cable channels like Syfy, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, MTV, HGTV, etc. Among the DishOnline features is remote DVR scheduling (which was already available through Dish Network’s main website) and the integration of the SlingLoaded devices. One of these SlingLoaded devices is the VIP922 which we reviewed. DishOnline will also be available on iPhone and iPad devices, including streaming and DVR scheduling.

Beside standard network content, DishOnline will also work as a mini-Netflix offering over 5,000 movies including new releases, many in 1080p to be rented on your HD DVR. Check after the break for DishOnline.com screenshots.

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Kindle App for iPhone and iPad updated, gets dictionary and Wikipedia

The Kindle App for iPhone and iPad is now at the version 2.2 and the new functionality includes a dictionary with  250,000 entries and definitions, search inside the book on your iPad is now possible and Google and Wikipedia words look-up (although unfortunately not as integrated as we would like – you’ll need to exit the app  to use either Google or Wikipedia. Also new and very important for this version is the inclusion of fast app switching and other bug fixes specific for iOS 4.0. And, of course it is free.

Tweet Defense free for iPhone and iPad today

Today, Sunday July 11th 2010, thanks to FreeAppADay, the game Tweet Defense is free for iPhone and iPad platforms. The regular prices are $2.99 and $7.99 respectively for the HD version (iPad) so it is a good deal. Jump on it while you can. An interesting feature for this game is the usage of your Twitter account and activity to boost the tower’s destructive ability. By tweeting more and more and contributing to the world’s amount of junk data with your useless activities, you have a better chance to defeat the enemies on the board. Since I never tweet (unless it is to announce my articles) my chances to be a good defender are probably zero. (Don’t give up, the game has an option to turn the tweeting feature off).

The graphics are nice, but for some reason I am still addicted to TowerMadness ;). And there are still some levels on hard that I cannot beat. But at least I have something to fill my long commuting hours.

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Hulu launches $9.99 monthly premium service called Hulu Plus

Heavily rumored for the past several weeks and widely expected, Hulu just announced the launching of a new premium tier for $9.99 a month. The new premium plan will allow subscribers access to  an entire TV season. The free tier will also be still available.

Hulu Plus will initially be available on Apple’s iPad and iPhone as well as XBOX 360 (early 2011), Samsung TV and Blu-ray players and Sony PS3, TV and Blu-ray players and Vizio. Initially the service will be rolled out based on invitations.

Check after the break for additional images / video. Read More…

HP’s answer to the iPad? The HP Slate, new video, specs

A new video appeared, describing the HP response (even if technically was shown before) to Apple’s iPad. Sporting a Windows 7 OS, multi-touch gestures and dual camera for both pictures and video conference, this device seems to be everything iPad is not, including USB and SD memory slots, and also Flash!

If HP (together with Microsoft) can implement the UI right and hide the Windows 7 innards under a layer of user friendliness, the only thing left to do is to somehow create a store to gather all the applications written specifically for the new interface under one roof. Anything less than that and the device will be limited to the techies (like myself) that are willing to hunt for compatible apps in various places scattered all over the internet (and even I am getting lazier and lazier – iPhone made me like that…).

Update: Engadget just published some new price/specs, apparently taken from a HP internal memo:

Price – $549 in basic configuration
Display: 8.9-inch 1024 x 600 capacitive multi-touch display
Processor: 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor
Graphic: UMA graphics with  1080p video playback
Memory: 32GB of flash storage and 1GB of non-upgradeable RAM.
Battery: five-hour battery
Peripherals: an SDHC slot, two cameras, a USB port, a SIM card slot for the optional 3D modem, and a dock connector for power, audio, and HDMI out, Pen/Digitizer support.

Check after the break for the video in all its HD glory.

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Apple announces iPhone OS 4.0 event on April 8th

After just a few days of iPad’s big launch, Apple is working tirelessly to keep the news wheel hot. On April 8th at 10:00AM they will offer a look into what their next iPhone OS 4.0 will be. Of course, we can always hope that it will include support for front facing camera, 960×640 display, multi-tasking, but , at this point, the above mentioned features are just part of an ever-growing list of wishful thinking magic floating around the net. Only the time will tell, and the time is coming!

The event will take place at the Cupertino campus.