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Netflix adds video-out capability to their iPhone / iPod touch app

Netflix got out a new Netflix app version for iOS platform and this time the happy owners of iPhone 4 and latest generation of iPod Touch are getting video-out (you’ll still need an adapter). For some reason, the owners of older iOS devices as iPhone 3G and 3GS will not get the new feature (is it a speed issue or a way to force the owners of older devices to upgrade?). Anyway, a good news if you just don’t want to spend $100 or so to buy a full featured media streamer box as WD TV Live Plus or the new Apple TV. And of course, you won’t get HD streaming as more capable boxes offer. The application is free and you can subscribe for Netflix unlimited streaming plan for $8.99.

iPhone 4 Review

The way we usually like to write our gadget reviews is after we had some time to play with them and we worked out the kinks, the good things, the  not so good ones and have a comprehensive image about how the product behaves in the day to day life. While coming later that other iPhone 4 reviews,  we offer you Review Horizon’s version today to celebrate exactly 3 months since its US launch.

I bought my iPhone 4 shortly after its launch so the unpacking pictures reflects a different season 🙂 Most of the current iPhone 4 users (myself included) upgraded from iPhone 3G, not 3GS due to the 2 year AT&T plan cycle so I’ll base my observations and comparisons on the older model.

iPhone 4 Unpacking

The box itself is very small and contains the iPhone 4 itself, the USB cable, a pair of headphones (microphone included) and a very tiny USB charger that you can use to power your Sony PSP, Kindle / Nook reader or any other device charging via a low power USB connection. If your PC can charge it, Apple’s mini USB charger will do it as well. Read More…

Windows Phone 7 devices could launch on October 11th

According to some unofficial reports floating around the Web, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 based phones might see the light of the day sometime around October 11th. While some Windows Phone 7 prototypes get reviewed regularly on various tech blogs, it it the first time the rumors are specifically pointing toward a certain date. The big event could take place in New York and be broadcast around the world. Microsoft’s OS would be the 3rd large competitor in the oh so crowded smartphone market (after iOS and Android devices)  but it might also bring a fresh breeze with their unique integration of Office and XBOX Live. If that will be enough for Microsoft to reclaim some of the market share it is yet to be seen but we can only be happy for the additional competition.