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HULU Plus to cut prices, is your media streamer ready?

Let’s face it, we all knew that HULU Plus price was really high at $9.95, especially considering how much you would get from Netflix at the same price and apparently  HULU figured it out  – the price is the cause of the lackluster performance or at least the high price combined with low quality content. As a result, the company is considering a 50% price drop to a low $4.95 / month in the hopes the service adoption will jump-start.

The HULU Plus is currently available on the iPad, XBOX 360 and Sony PS3 which is impressive, but Netflix is currently available on a much larger number of devices including most modern Blu-ray players, connected TV sets, cheap set top boxes as WD TV Live Plus, iPhone and the recently launched Google TV. At $8.99, Netflix also provides significantly more content and no commercials. HULU is making you pay a monthly fee AND is forcing you to watch commercials.

What is your opinion? What would it take to make get a HULU subscription?

Netflix goes native on PS3 next week with 1080i, subtitles and Dolby 5.1, no disc required

We know Netflix’s agreement with Microsoft will soon expire and everybody expected to have Netflix on their PS3 consoles without the need of the annoying disc. Well, wait no longer, it will come next week. No later than October 18th Netflix’s new user interface will come on PS3 and even better, some movies will get the 1080i treatment, subtitles and 5.1-channel surround sound…Impressed? You should be, it is the most advanced Netflix implementation to date. Apparently Netflix will use the same Dolby Digital Plus audio codec used by VUDU HDX and let me tell you, it works really well.

That being said, if you are one of the few that still didn’t get a PS3 yet, now it might be a good time, for holidays. Combined with Blu-ray and Hulu Plus, PS3 just might be one of the best media players / streaming boxes on the market. The 160GB model is available at Amazon for $299 with no taxes and free shipping while the PS3 Move 320GB bundle goes for $100 more.

Check after the break for SOny’s press release and a presentation video of the new PS3 Netflix user interface…Really nice and fluid. Read More…

Hulu Plus coming to Roku media streamers this fall

Roku media streamer boxes get better and better and Roku might just see their wish come true and have at least one Roku unit in each house. Today, they announced yet another partnership in media streaming, this time with Hulu. Starting later this fall, the popular $10 streaming service will be available on all Roku boxes, the cheapest one being the Roku HD at $59. All the new Roku boxes include wireless adapters and HDMI output. The cheapest box at $59 outputs 720p, the other ones ($79 and $99) care capable of 1080p playback. You can pre-order them now at Amazon.

Beside Hulu, Roku streams a large number of web services including Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand , Pandora, MLB.TV, Ultimate Fighting Championship, etc. Check after the break for the full press release. Read More…

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV HD 1080p Netflix Media Player / Streamer Review

Western Digital made news with its WD TV Live Plus launch, supporting Netflix for the first time in company’s product line of media streamers / players. Seagate is a direct competitor with its own FreeAgent boxes and recently they launched its new member, Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV HD Media Player. A rather long name, accompanied by a similarly long feature list, FreeAgent GoFlex TV HD Media Player also includes clients for YouTube, Paramount, vTuner, Mediafly, Picasa, Flickr, RSS, Finance and Weather widgets and, of course, just like its direct competitor, WD TV Live Plus, it plays close to 100% audio/video codecs available. What differentiates it though from the WD is the ability to connect directly to Seagate’s own GoFlex ultra portable storage devices  altough how much benefit the average user would get remains to be seen, since the unit also features the way more popular USB ports. I’ll never understand why, from a practical perspective companies are still insisting to lock customers in a proprietary format and get a lot of hate in the process.

Hit after the break for additional images and full technical specifications. Read More…

New slim XBOX 360 available at Amazon

After several days of drastically reduced prices for the older packages (Arcade version sliding as low as $149 with $50 gift card), Amazon finally has the new and slim XBOX 360 available for pre-order, at $299 with free shipping and no taxes in most states. The title is Xbox 360 250GB Elite Console and it is advertised as “Kinect ready” – basically is has a special port for the new Kinect controller-free device that would allow you to use only one power adapter.

The new XBOX 360 is smaller that the predecessor and whisper quiet, making it a better fit for your entertainment center. It scores a spacious 250GB hard drive and integrated wireless-N adapter.

XBOX Live Gold membership card gives you access to additional features like Netflix HD client, Facebook client, Twitter and starting this fall, ESPN HD. There are rumors also about a possible HULU integration, but we need to see it first.