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Logitech Harmony Adapter for PS3 Review

Sometimes, those little things just make life a little bit better and Logitech Harmony Adapter for PS3 is one of them (albeit quite expensive). As you know, for some yet unexplained reason, Sony decided to manufacture a Bluetooth PS3 remote control instead of an infrared one (and of course they conveniently build the PS3 itself without a IR sensor). This left a certain category of users in the dust, the ones that like to have everything at a touch of a button (and one remote), myself included.

At the beginning, when PS3 wasn’t yet the multimedia workhorse it is now, I was content to control it via the original remote or just using one of the controllers. However, with the Read More…

RIP Philips Pronto – the high-end remotes line is discontinued

To be honest, here at Review Horizon, we are avid fans of Logitech Harmony remotes and we never cared that much for the Philips Pronto remotes (even more overpriced than the Logitech ones), however, Pronto remotes certainly have their own followers, especially in the high-end area.
As a high-end product, you need to be smart in the way you sell it and unfortunately that didn’t happen with Philips. As a result, they searched for several years for a buyer with more marketing skills that could get some profit out of the Pronto line. Unfortunately, we are still in recession and high-end products don’t sell that well. Failing to find a buyer for the line, Philips decided to discontinue it leaving the field completely open to Logitech. Here is Philips official word:

“In December 2009, Philips announced the intention to relocate some of its existing remote control activities in Leuven, Belgium to Asia. At the same time, the intention was communicated to investigate alternative strategic options for the Pronto business, as this activity no longer fits with the Philips strategy. Following thorough research, no suitable partner was found for the acquisition of these activities. As such, Philips confirms today that it will discontinue the Pronto product line and related activities.”

Western Digital WD TV Live Plus 1080p Media Player/Streamer Review

1. Introduction

I am using a Windows Media Center HTPC in living-room, where my main home theater system resides, but I wanted to be able to access Netflix/home network content in the bedroom as well, and, due to obvious reasons a full featured PC didn’t quite cut it (noise, form factor, etc). I just wanted something simple, low power and fast to boot, something that my wife will also enjoy. I was familiar with Western Digital’s line of media streamers, but they only supported Netflix via DLNA, when combined with something like PlayOn. Not user friendly enough. Then, the big day has come and WD released their WD TV Live Plus media streamer finally including ┬áNetflix. (Netflix is now what mp3 used to be a while ago, a must have for everything that connects to the TV – Blu-ray players, media streamers, etc) Read More…