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Google confirmed that will stay in China, but stops censoring

Well, well, well, it had to happen I suppose. Conform CNN, Google just announced that it will stay in China,¬† but will no longer censor Chinese searches, redirecting users there to its Hong Kong servers which offers uncensored search results. Now, the ball is in the Chinese prison (oops, I meant court), so we’ll wait for their move.

The company said that it hopes the government of China respects its decision and it won’t block user’s access to its service. Yeah, right! Anyone wants to take a bet that the moment the redirection happens, nobody in China will be able to access it? I bet it will take less than 5 minutes.

However, Google’s move was extremely smart. This will actually force the Chinese government to make the decision themselves to block Google out, so it will be them that will look bad in the eyes of everybody…Unless they find an even smarter¬†solution¬†– after all, something really slick could come from the inventors of Chinese water torture.

Check here to see Google China service availability.

In an interesting twist, BBC News mentioned something that seems to have been ignored by many in US:

On Sunday, state media in China had attacked Google for what they described as the company’s “intricate ties” with the US government.

Google provided US intelligence agencies with a record of its search engine results, the state-run news agency Xinhua said.

Facebook is now the US Most Visited website, tops Google – it must be me playing FarmVille

Social, Social, Social!!!

It must be that or the fact that many of us don’t have time for a life outside anymore.

Starting with 2007, Google always topped the ranks with the largest number of visitors. No more, Facebook can claim this honor now with 7.07% of total visitors (the numbers are true for the week ending March 13th and are provided by Hitwise).

Now, the difference is not as big as you would think, just a mere 0.04% but I am sure it helps the Facebook’s self esteem. Just you wait until they start making phones and operating systems. Then you’ll see how your friends will jump in the conversation when you have an argument with your significant other.